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  • Nice item but watch out: common cathode!

    posted by mrnmrnmrn

    * these strips are really bright!
    * well made, strip is completely embedded in 5mm thick clear plastic on both sides, means the flexible circuit and smt resistors are well protected from damage (unlike some of the other paper-thin strips)
    * you don't need to look twice to see this should be 100% waterproof
    * clearly marked where you can cut off 3-led sections if you need less than a full metre.
    * prewired with 25cm leads (RGB+white common cathode) joined into mini 4-pin connector
    * although not mentioned in the details, this includes a mini controller (I guess it wouldn't otherwise make sense to have an RGB strip, with a plain 12V connection and no way to change colours). You can just about see this in the picture, it's around 1" long and covered in black heatshrink. This is fitted with 60cm lead and runs straight from a 12V dc supply.
    * controller didn't come with power socket as pictured, mine just had bare wires. but then I wasn't expecting any of it anyway!
    * Not as nice to look at as the black pvc strips (where the flexible circuit is black, and they paint over the smt resistors). But this is definitely more robust than those 1-2mm thin pvc-coated strips, and I'd certainly favour this one if you need something waterproof.
    * Nice product if you want a bright, waterproof RGB strip and your driving circuit expects a common cathode.
    * DX really should specify if their RGB strips are common anode or common cathode :(
  • Daylight running lights

    posted by Afarrapo

    Good build, nice lumens. Very nice features (turning lights, full or half brightness). With correct instalation the two rows of white leds turn off and a row of orange led turn on every time the originals turning lights blink and one row of white leds turn off every time you turn the original front lights on.
    I tested the functions of the wires with an old PC power supply before installation. Inastallation was ease but toke a lot of time. I'm very pleased and think it's a very good choice.
  • Very good value for the price

    posted by pascal60870

    This is 90° side lighting : I wanted to stick them around the front lights of my car, so I needed side beam. This item is perfect : Very bright white, very flexible, very thin. They accept to be bended at very small radius, any shape seems possible. You have to check the way you stick them because of the asymmetry !
    The double wire (red/black, 38 cm) is easy to connect, but could be too short for some uses. Was long enough for my use.
    For that price, you can try them unrestricted !
  • seems well built

    posted by aje1978

    Bright as.easy light to look at. Mounting is very solid. So many applications. I will be using it on my digger on my 4wd and as a portable camp / hunting light. Slim body makes it easy to mount on 4wd ,does not block radiator or create drag like larger conventional spotlights.
    Put it on my digger. Now I can work all night. Seems really solid so will take any I throw at it.
    I like it. And does what it was designed for. Some wiring knowledge needed for installation.
  • Nice steering signal.

    posted by torquevemada

    Very bright, easy to install, looks pretty nice.
    Inner quality can be better. Not waterproof really.
    Nice steering signals for small bike or scooter.


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