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level meter Customers Reviews

  • Handy tool

    posted by jaybe1

    Nice handy tool to have. Does exactly what its made for.Nice handy tool to have. Does exactly what its made for.Nice handy tool to have. Does exactly what its made for.
    Would recommend for the price good value have seen them for €200 plus mind you it is only 12 inches long so small but handy for storing
  • Expensive, but worth it

    posted by Alexkorf

    Professional-quality noise meter. Tested it against a 500 euro meter and the results shown were the same, so it's probably well calibrated. Max hold function useful. Comes in a neat carry box. Battery lasts for a really long time.
    As good as expensive professional ones, if you're prepared to overlook battery door problem.
    If you need a quality SPL meter that you're not afraid to lose or damage -- that's it.
  • Pretty useful equip

    posted by joseluizbh

    I've been using this DB meter at work and at home. Actually the city where I live has rules for noise emissions. There are some db levels specified in the law which can not be overpassed. The db levels varies during the whole day and night. When some process, machinery, animal, person or other noise emitter overpassed those limits I can claim. The same happens at my work place. After 85 dB you are obligated to wear ear plugs. I messure all kinds of noise emissions.
    Easy to use and the price very competitive.

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