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  • Great collection item

    posted by ahjo79

    Quality and material is great. It feels solid and looks very good as a display item. The con is also a pro as I did not intend to use it as a letter opener. I displayed it in my display shelf together with my collection of liquors and they look magnificent!
    They do sell these swords in comics stores as collection items and they cost more than you can imagine.
    Get it if you are a collector of small swords. They are not as costly as those sold in retail stores
  • WoW like sword

    posted by Rambaron

    Feels solid and looks nice as a decoration sword. Like another user here, I placed them with my alcohol collection to class it up. The swords are longer than I originally anticipated but I am not complaining. Also this swords resembles WoW mini swords. Seem to be made out of stainless steel so no rust should form.
    If these would come with some sort of stand, it would make displaying them a lot easier or even offered as a separate item
    Worth the money if you like sword collecting or need to spice up something in your house.
  • Good letter opener

    posted by PotHix

    Good letter opener and great for collectors. I'm buying all the letter openers from DX and this one is good like the others.
    I really recommend this one if you're a collector but if you just want a letter opener I would recommend another one.Just for the record, it works fine as a letter opener as well.
    No more to say about the product.
  • Really nice!

    posted by sorcloko

    Really nice item.. It's really beautiful and it's a great item to be used as a decoration to your room or, well, anywhere in your house. It has a point metal blade that seems to be very resistant, and the chain is really strong so you can put it anywhere you want.. After all i found it really cool
    It could be a little more heavier and the other parts could be made of metal...And it could also be a little bigger.. Well.. the price is really cheap, but i'd surely pay a little more for the things listed above...
    After all i'm satisfied with my item... I surely recommend you to buy it!
  • Best used as a Bookmark rather than a Letter Opener

    posted by LydKch

    Beautifully crafted with adequate space between the curve 'hook' for the bookmark to rest firmly when placed between the pages.My other bookmark of the same concept type tends to move as I can pull and push the bookmark from the outside of a book because the space between the 'hook' is broader than necessary.This feather bookmark stays firm and is perfect!
    Mine came with dangling Hearts instead of the Female Sign which is much more elegant in my opinion.The rectangle plate looks ugly and is useless other than extending the dangling ornament; I prefer mine short and had it removed. Take a look, I have posted a picture of it without the rectangle plate too.
    I strongly recommend it as a gift for book lovers; I just feel happy holding it in my hand as I read and I think it will do the same for you too.


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