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lens filters Customers Reviews

  • Good and Cheap / Bueno y barato

    posted by albanece

    Good quality, good price / Buena calidad, buen precio. El filtro ND es indispensable para trabajar en ambientes con mucha luz. Permite aumentar la apertura del diafragma y así reducir la profundidad de campo. Es indispensable para trabajos profesionales y muy útil para aficionados.
    Higly recommendable / Altamente recomendable. El precio es menos de la mitad de lo que cuestan en el mercado productos similares, y la calidad es exactamente la misma. Buen estuche para protegerlo. En definitiva, un producto para comprar sin dudar.
    Buy it without doubts / Puede comprarlo sin dudar.
  • Not the best but not bad for the price

    posted by brainwashed

    It's super cheap! Most CPL filters are about $20 at stores. They're just as good as these, too. Doesn't cut out the reflection as much as I would like it to but it's not bad at all for the price that I paid.
    If you're looking for a great filter, don't get this one. If you're looking for an ok one that's super cheap, this is perfect!
  • Proteção

    posted by zaiyn

    Bom material e de fácil utilização. Uso também para proteger a lente. Sendo clara não influencia em nada nas imagens. Recomendo a compra!Good stuff and easy to use. I also use to protect the lens. Being clear does not influence at all the images. Recommend buying!
    Deixar bem explicado o diâmetro para evitar duvidas.Leave well explained the diameter to avoid doubt.
  • Quite good for portrait shoot

    posted by yoyoindrajaya

    This filter will soften the focus which is good for portrait photo-shoot.Built quality quite good.
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    For those with tight budget, I am happy with this item
  • Good UV filter

    posted by danny1986

    The filter fits perfect on 58mm lenses like the stock 18-55 Canon lens.The build quality is good and feels firmly.The filter is shipped in a metal case surrounded by foam to prevent damage.
    Don't know if the quality of the actual filter glass is as good as a genuine filter. As an amateur, I don't see any difference between photos with or without the filter.
    Im happy with the product. It protects my lenses from any damage to the actual lens glass.Purchased a second DEBO UV-58 filter for my other 55-250 lens.

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