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lens filter ring Customers Reviews

  • Cheap way of doing macro

    posted by ESassin

    If you want to get into macro photography, then this is a cheap and effective way of doing it. But you need a lens with on-lens aperture control.
    Did I mentione cheap?
    It's just a piece of metal, nothing special. Threads are ok. It fits on nikon-mount lenses and on a nikon body (D2x for me). Also, you will be able to use any other lens with that thread size, not necessarily a nikon mount - as you're not attaching the lens mount side.
    It does what is says it does, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Excellent!

    posted by wsouzaw

    It is a perfect item, great quality.
    This item was used to adapt a wide angle lens on a camcorder bit wide focus. The camera had no thread for it was an amateur equipment. In entando This item was fixed to the lens of the camcorder so that then get yourself a wide sequins. The result was very good when combined with the item: 'Sakar 37mm 0.5X Wide Angle Lens Filter Set'. You can now have a great focal range when the camera is in wide position. With these two items combined was possible to make a JVC camcorder amateur in a much better equipment.
    Nothing to declare.
  • Nice set of convertor lenses

    posted by lasermanathome

    High quality lenses made of coated high precision glass and usablbe for many tasks.I have used them for NV (nightvisionequipement)Because of the many adapters they can make a good connection with (almost) every optical system, No sferic or chromatic aberation I have noticed.They are able to use IR 1050nM
    Can be used for beamers as well, when the zoom does not fill in the needs.High transmission so only little loss of light. Even at the side , no noticable distorsion I have seen so mant time when using other converters
    Really good and cheap and again,DX, get the in black!!
  • Reversal ring for Nikon

    posted by topy007

    Good build, made of Aluminium, fits perfectly on the filter mount and on the camera body.Great for macro pictures, but you have to keep in mind that you have to adjust the settings manually if you want to actually see something in the pictures.
    This is a great product, if you like taking macro pictures. You just have to be careful what you want to take pictures of, because when you reverse your lens, you have to get really close to the object you're shooting
    I really recommend this product, it is far cheaper than buying a macro lens. However, you have to keep in mind that your lens might get dirty, since it was not designed to be reversed.
  • Very useful for macro photo

    posted by teeboo

    This reversal filter allows you to use 52mm lens as a very close macro taking great and very sharp pics of close objects and/or insects (if they keep without moving).
    Cheap solution to make macro photos if subject doesn't move and if you can get very close to it.


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