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lens filter emolux

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lens filter emolux Customers Reviews

  • Nice quality filter and protection

    posted by ebreake

    This filter have metal roud body. Good quality. It saved my lense in one ocasion on my field trip. Relatively easy to put it on lense screw. Little problem when you put it onit place.This filter I bought for protection of my lense. It does it's job. With no affection on imge
    It saved my lense once...
    I'll recomd it to everybody to use it. Nice price and good quality for this product.
  • very short focus distance and great depth of field

    posted by johnbyrum

    I am using this on my Kodak p880 digital camera and it improves my devices macro capabilities greatly. This lets you to use your camera on manual mode with macro distance. this is 52mm model and it comes with a velcro pouch to carry it wherever you like
    I will upload sample photos soon for comparisons
    Price is about right for this type of lens because normally they are extraordinarily expensive so this is something most people can afford
  • Great UV filter - best for its price

    posted by GadgetFrantic

    Very solid make (believe me I had several filters in the past and one even had the glass loose in the ring and moved each time I cleaned it).Very thin. I took several photos in 24mm zoom and no vignetting was shown nor ghosts, reflections etc.It arrived clean and spotless - in a thick paper box and wrapped in cellophane. Neat. I didn't have to clean it before installing it on the lens.The price is reasonable too - I think it is a fair price to pay on such an important filter that protects your precious and valuable lens.
    I still need to shoot looking at the sun to test it even more.Many filters arrive in a firm plastic box with foam layer inside. This filter might arrive broken if the package is mistreated, as it arrives in a paper box and you need to rely on the bubble package...
    Buy it - it's the best deal for the price.
  • Close up lense for fun

    posted by luzki

    Solid construction, ease of use, lense cover included
    This lenses may be used for fun, not for serious macro-photography as the chromatic aberation and limited sharpeness represent significant limitations. However, you can create some interesting "artistic" images with the lenses though.
    I dont think these lenses represents some quality advantage in comparison with similar even cheaper close up lenses. Such lenses in general cant be used for meaningfull macro photography, but for sure they can add a mysterious bluring/artistic effects to your closed up photos. These lenses are best for amateur photographers who are seeking for fun, want to experiment with closed up images or are thinking about serious macro lenses but did not yet examined any macro possibilities of their cameras.
  • Good value

    posted by Stilichon

    Very good purchase considering price, no problems and good quality. I have some other sizes of this very same filter and this is as good as the older ones.
    Using filter is generally a good idea to protect expensive lenses. I have also purchased other cheap filters and those all have been very well worth of money spent.
    I would buy another if I would need it. I got also for my camcorder similar filter.

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