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  • Not that bright, but does the job

    posted by ksborg

    - LED's aren't that bright but you can see them pretty well from a far distance.
    - You're not blinded by your own LED's, that's worth something.
    - Can also flash, so visibility is even better!
    - Velcro is very tight. You won't lose them.
    I bought two of them and one isn't all that good (see cons), but still it works. If you want to be visible at night, this should do the job very well.
    Could be that they're cheaper elsewhere, but I can't confirm that.
    Should be a good product. Battery life might not be so good. Still a good buy!
  • Value for money

    posted by Melian87

    Light weight. Easy to use.
    Too bad that Deal Extreme dont have more reflective items. Living in Norway, these are a must have most of the year. But because they easily get lost, a low price is essential.
    In my experience the quality of reflective items vary a lot, i have not yet tested the quality of this item. I.e. how well it reflects the light. Bottom line is, one ise better than none. More people should wear reflective items when outside in the darknes.
  • Very good reflective strap

    posted by gboymix

    A very easy reflective strap for pants. It's very light weight and have enough length to cover pants ends, the other one item I've bought is rather tight. It's also stenches, so don't worry if you have too large leg. Also price is very affordable. Bright colors and reflection would make more noticeable on road
    Though for 2.8$ price you can buy as much as you wish.
    Definitely would buy some more. Reccommended to be bought.
  • I loved it

    posted by kastutz

    - It works great- It helps to warm the place you used the cream/gel- The material seems resistent (not disposable)- It stays in the place you put
    - It's also cute :)
    - This is a great product and I will oder another one (to be able to use in my legs and belly at the same time). The price is great and once it's not disposable, I will save some money (I used to buy and specific disposable plastic to use the same way. But I could not move or it would get out of the right place!!!)
  • GOOD Product

    posted by TOF80

    The design of this Elastic Velcro Bicycle Cycling Pants Leg Band Strap is as I expected.
    The quality of build is good, I gave this Elastic Velcro to my children and after 1 month of daily use, nothing is broken !! this is the better test for me...
    Very good value price, easy to place on the Pant.

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