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  • very small and strong

    posted by hari1seldon

    good lightalways at handcan be charged at the cigarette lightervery easy to useForget batterieswhen you finish using it to put the charge back and readyvery small but strongThe led is very strong for the size. The built is very good and seems to bem durable. Is fits perfectly in my Partner. A red light turns on when charging indicatin
    can be used for emergencies.also to workTo turn the light on it is necessary to rotate the top part but the rotational part seems to be fragile.
    always carry in my car, I've got a few troubles
  • Very Small and Bright

    posted by lyonn

    - very bright
    - high efficiency
    - compact
    - great DIY item with lots of possible uses
    I have an upcoming project involving the upgrade of more than 15 emergency lights running off 6V/4AH sealed lead acid batteries. To make the existing units brighter and more energy efficient, I have proposed the replacement of the existing 6V/3W incandescent lamps with power LEDs.
    The 6V/3W lamps have a luminous flux of around 51 lumens so a 1W power LED with a 60 lumen output would be more than enough for the application. I ordered SKU 13286 and this LED for evaluation purposes. SKU 13286 has excellent side emitting properties which makes it excellent for use with large shallow reflectors. This LED, while noticeably brighter than SKU 13286 is definitely not delivering 100~110 lumens. I don't have a lux meter but I would say that 60+ lumens would be a good guestimate.
    While not as efficient as CREE or SSC LEDs, this LED and SKU 13286 are still better alternatives to incandescent lamps. They are brighter, more energy efficient, more robust and have a longer service life. I just wish that DX would sell these at lower prices and that they would sell these already mounted on stars.
    I recommend this for DIY and mod projects.
  • Great sensor light

    posted by modreamarin

    Great device for people who need light in hallways or small rooms only for the time in which they stay (and move/pass) in there.Provided you use good batteres, the lights are strong, without "hurting" your eyes - if you do not look straight in them, that is!
    5 stars for the multiple-choice catching system: magnets, holes for nails AND a hook for the eventuality you already have a "free" nail in your wall to use.
    Useful and heartily recommended, provided you use good batteries.
  • Very Bright. Excellent light for any aquarium.

    posted by fauxalliance

    Very bright white spot light to highlight aquariums.Encourages plant growth and fish health. Low power consumption for high lumen output.Power connection is convenient to use and easy to replace.Works in North America with simple flat-pin power plug adapter. Item 221863.
    Adds beautiful highlights to planted aquarium.Daylight color temperature to help fish and plant health.
    Excellent addition for any aquarium. Works anywhere, with low voltage power supply.Easy convert for use in North America.Cheaper and brighter then expensive light at hobby shop.
  • AC / DC

    posted by IanB123

    Well constructed
    Takes DC - but in both directions !
    Hence works fine on AC !
    Direct replacement on Desklamp instead of 20 watt diochromic lamp
    As per picture except mine had the DC sticker on the lamp, and the AC/DC sticker on the box ! :-)
    Should work in normal (12V) downlight fittings but lack of current draw may increase voltage to remaining lamps if all on single transformer (same as if you had a blown bulb in the set).
    - Expensive for general use
    - Not enough light spread or brightness for general use.
    - Great for desklamps - gets rid of a burn hazard from the diochromic bulb.

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