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led xp-e r2 Customers Reviews

  • TrustFire TR-Z10 Cree XP-E R2

    posted by davsrc

    Very nice brightest aaa light I own,I have a Brinyte PDO3A and this light is brighter with a tighter beam due to the R2 color and the 850mh driver compared to a 650 driver for the pdo3A it also has the press and pick your mode then click it in and it stays that mode till you click again,It is a very heavy light I believe it is solid brass, very good heat conductor,also comes with protected battery and charger in nice box with directions and warranty card and one year warranty, solid ,nice finish and bright
    Very nice gift box it kinda seems like a girl light being gold plated but its the brightest and the blinky will blind you temperary
    Comes with every thing even protected battery and charger perfect gift and good addition to your collection tighter beam 850mh on high bad ASS
  • Worth it to Buy

    posted by iskor1289

    -Threads are good and smooth (At least on mine they are)-very bright and focused hot spot-Good Quality-GITD Actually Bright-Small-Good heatsinking (look at cons)-AA batteries are easily available when your 14500 runs out of juice-mode memory works great
    -I WOULD recommend this light to friends and family.
    -Great EDC Light. I have smaller ones that are just as bright, but they use batteries that are more rare than what this one uses. Great Buy.
  • Nice and tiny light source

    posted by Aretzkee

    - small- metal, knurled body- gaskets at joints- 1 mode of light- clicky switch- quite warm light (yellowish)- strong light
    Quite nice torch for pocket with strong beam from tiny size. Very useful gadget for everyday carry or as emergency, spare light source. It is a little longer than my Tank TK-703 so is too long for Victorinox SwissChamp pouch but beside this I think it's good light.
    Buy if you need small and strong light source.
  • Better light than I expected.

    posted by allanlsw

    Uses 3AA that you can get anywhere. Cheap for the features that this light has. 1 emitter for throw (quite a good one for a headlight), and another for flood (180 degrees?) Switch has a solid click but harder to press with thick gloves. alluminium reflectors!
    I prefer AA for my worklights rather than some specialised batteries which you cannot buy in regular stores.
    Bought this for fishing & camping and this should do the job well.

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