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led white strip lumen Customers Reviews

  • Forgot how much I paid for it and blew it up.

    posted by burfam

    Its really bright and a good clean white light to it. Good copper pads to solder the power to. Small about an inch and half long.
    Nice flat bare metal back, add a bit of heat sink compond and bolt it something.
    Just goofing around and feed it with a 12.6 volt power supply. it was pretty darn bright.
    Next time I would have added a bit of current regulation to it.
    It was pretty cool. I should have not blow it, but was goofing around.
  • Very bright and effective light

    posted by robsustr

    Very bright nice light, we use it to decorate and light up countertops and showcases at our shop. It has strong light, nice color, definitely good buy. Cant find that good price in our country, definitely not with water resistant finish.
    Even when the glue is not that perfect I expected I will buy this product again, for lighten up my kitchen desk :-)
  • WOW

    posted by algspd

    It is VERY bright, with 8 meters you can fully shine a 6x3.5m room without problem.It is easy to mount on the roof but i would recommend to use a overhead lights with a translucent sheet to avoid the leds dazzle you.Theoretically, it cant fuse (for a lot of years). You can switch it on and off the times you want (depending on the power supply).
    This strip is a very good replacement for incandescent or even low-consumption light bulbs (it gets about 1/3 power than los-consumption bulbs)
    Replace incandescent lights with this.
  • Small but bright LED Modul, which offers powerful base for DIY projects

    posted by jonnyclever

    Good Quality, Brand named LED's inside, a strong and thick base for good heat transfer to the heatsink, open sides at the mouting holes for better accurancy at your DIY project.
    Use all the times heat sink compound for better heat transmission. Make sure, that the drive current is not more than 1050mA for more lifetime.
    It's a professional LED Strip, small but very powerful with a big amount of light. I use this as a single and up to 3 strips in a row - and it's very nice.
  • 16W at 14v, 8W at 12v, 4W at 11v

    posted by f11lbert

    Do not see how to correct review so I am writing new one instead of just adding details in my previous review.
    I didn't try it on 14v but even on 12v it is extrimly hot - warms up huge tube I placed the LED on - 1 meter 20mmX20mm of alumni.And the brightness unbearable under kitchen cabinet - blicks and shine.By the way current for 12v is 0,66A, so this is only 8W consumption. May be on 14v it consumes 16W but I do not think it will increase brightness twice and that this is good mode for the LED.But then I add resistor, 2Om. Current drop to 330mA, so this is 4W. Strip is not so damned hot (but you still need additional hotsink).And brightness just ok as for working light under kitchen cabinets. Color is very good, do not change color of food.
    For usage as 4W lamp it's perfectly ok. But the price is too high.


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