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  • One of the few truly regulated 1x18650 lights.

    posted by desolder

    The description is true, it really is regulated! The regulation is provided by an AMC7136 adjustable regulator. The sense resistor is 33mohms, which equates to 1.5A with the 50mV sense voltage. I measured 1.32A on high. There's probably some additional trace resistance that is reducing it from the expected 1.5A. Still, it's plenty bright. 350 OTF lumens is a realistic claim.

    The spot is fairly small and well focused, about 6 or 7 degrees. The flood is about 40 degrees. This will be a good helmet light for biking, but might be too focused for the bars. Some scotch tape will diffuse it a bit if desired.

    It almost tailstands perfectly, with a slight wobble. The lanyard will make it worse, however. The tailcap glows in the dark. The threading is somewhat coarse, but they get the job done. O-rings at all joints will keep light sprays of water out.

    This is one of the most compact 18650 lights. The reflector end does not flange outward. It's fairly short.

    The LED is mounted on a brass pill which is screwed into the aluminum body of the flashlight - this is a good thing for heatsinking, versus using a drop-in.

    The exterior is knurled aluminum, with a 6-sided middle section. It provides decent grip even if hands get wet.
    See here for the AMC7136 datasheet:
    If you're looking for a compact 18650 light using the XPG, this is the one to get. The Fandyfire XG-V5 is slightly smaller, however. It's narrower by about 1mm and shorter by 5mm, but it's much heavier because it's steel.
  • Hell Yeah!

    posted by pweester

    Now this is what I'm talking about! A tiny little thing but it has so much power! Super bright light for its size. I really recommend this if you are looking for a small, light, practical torch. Get this and you will have all that plus a whole lotta brightness!
    Would be good to have a lock device for the on/off switch to avoid accidentally switching the light on or off.
    A great little torch which is packed with power. It will kick the ass of many bigger lights!

    posted by WOODY

    A small bright flashlight 98mm X 38mm, small enough to fit in your pocket. It feels good in your hand, has a nice weight to it not to heavy, but solid feel.
    Has a good beam more flood than throw, but with a good concentrated centre spot. The five modes flow well from the tail cap switch, which has a good spring tension. Well constucted wigh good machine threads through out.
    1200 Lumen is not a realistic figure, but manufacturers guide, but still very bright.
    This is a well made, very bright light if driven from a good 16340, one of my EDC (every day carry) flashlights.
    Buy one, and you wont be dissapointed.
  • powerfull and warm

    posted by kanarie

    very bright, solid build (same housing as the skyray sku 32749), stong coating Three modes: low, High, slow strobe (about 7Hz). memory function (if you turn it of for more than 5 sec it will turn on in the same mode). no PWM ! very warm color (pink gold)can backstand and has anti roll grooves
    tailcap measurements High full battery 2,6Alow full battery 0,09Ahigh half full battery 1,86Alow half full battery 0,09A
    A rock solid light if you are looking for a flashlight with a warm output
  • Very Bright.. Could be better.

    posted by sparktastic

    Excellent design, with a nice deep aluminum mirrored reflector that matches the XM-L well. Probably one of the best designed tail caps for tail standing & grip too.Actually a pretty decent thrower for a large die LED. Obviously doesn't throw like a Q5 or R2, but the overall light output is three times as much as a these.Good O-Rings and overall construction.Mode memory works well.
    If the stock driver is removed and a 8x AM7135 2.8A driver is installed, this light will be very impressive indeed. The replacement driver can be programmed to only three modes (H,M & L) and should provide a well regulated 700+ lumen output down to 3.6V.
    Good single 18650 host for the XM-L emitter providing decent throw and masses of light on high. Really needs a driver transplant to take full advantage of a single 18650. My favorite (out of four others I now own) XM-L host. Soon to have a 8x AM7135 driver fitted.


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