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Welcome to our led white strap online shop. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Customers can also browse led watch white or white led lamp to find their desired products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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led white strap Customers Reviews

  • Best in class

    posted by Rockspider

    Very bright! The XP-G R5 emitter is driven very hard (2,35A on high!) and coupled with SMO reflector this has a noticeable throw for a flashlight this size. Better than the UF 2100 with XM-L emitter, which has more lumens but is very floody.Has no mode memory, always start on high, then med, low, strobe and sos, so if you too hate blinky modes, there's no need to cycle through them every time. GITD rubber boot switch glows visible even after hours in the dark.Tailstand (but better without lanyard)
    The bezel is only aesthetic. Lens, o-ring and reflector disassemble from inside after removing emitter pill.Given the high amperage, strongly suggested quality cells. Visit Budget Light Forum for more info.
    Of the many 2100 style lights around, this one has the best hotspot for distance and still enough spill for general use.Amperage in various levels: 2,35A high, 1,14A med, 0,24A low, not measured on blinky modes.
  • Nice BRIGHT Little Light!!

    posted by Richsifu

    Excellent little AA pocket light. It takes standard AA 1.2-1.5 volts or my favorites, the 14500 3.7 volt batteries, but it's still pretty bright even with AA batteries. Compares in brightness to my $30 XENO E03 rated at 430 OTF (Out the Front) lumens, even though this one is lesser at 350lms it's still very bright with a great wide beam that lights a good sized area but is less floody than the XENO so it has further throw. I've taken this out to the forest and it shines several hundred feet and lights up a great area. I have not tested the run time yet but so far I'm on my first 14500 battery and I play with it and use it every day for the past week or so since I got it. Changes mode with a half press of the clicky switch which feels pretty solid and should last a long time. Nice size, feels good in the hand and the strike bezel sticks out just enough to strike with but is easy to hide in your hand. It had DOUBLE O-ring seals on the end cap so it should be very waterproof and probably dunk proof too. My XENO is rated to 30 feet water resistance with it's double O-ring seals. This is the only other AA light I've seen that also has double O-Ring seals, but I'm not going to test it underwater to find out.
    Well made, great EDC light, bright enough for any use, while the dimmest mode is great for walking around at night without waking someone up, using in a movie theater or such even with a 14500 battery.
    Great light. I was not sure if it would actually be 350lms and while I've not tested it with an integrated sphere, comparing it to my XENO and other lights it seems to be about right as it's very bright with great throw, great battery run time so far and it has a good low mode too. Highly recommended
  • Nice and inexpensive

    posted by StMute

    It's a common platform (P60 drop in) and there's quite a bit of information out there on this light. It's bright and budget friendly so it's been popular. It's a step up in brightness compared to my Fenix P2D (Q5), granted it's twice the size. "Medium" on this light is equal to "High" on my Fenix P2D. Also minor things, but I like that this comes with a clip and it doesn't roll off of the table when I lay it down!
    I carry this light in my bag for work and I use cheap rechargable 18650s. I've since purchased an UltraFire C8 Cree XM-L U2, which by the way is another step up! It's also larger though. The UltraFire C8-T6 Cree XM-L T6 is almost the same price as this light though and is certainly worth checking out! The U2 version is a little higher.
    Bottomline? You know what you want. If the size of this light fits the bill then this is certainly a good light for the price. It works as is, but if you don't mind tweaking it a little it will last longer.
  • The best flashlight for night cycling (WF504B)

    posted by Avengerx

    - Great, white light
    - The beam is well wide, differently from other models like 502B which are narrower
    - You can use the 'low' mode to go around the lit places at night (example on the city), signalling where you are yet saving battery time and not obfuscating others' sight (specially car drivers)
    This flashlight is really great. The price is worth it. I could never find something like that around.
    You should consider buying SKU 53270 grease to avoid desiccation of the rubber ring that seals the inside from water specially for the back cap.
    If I were to buy another of this, I would buy the same. As an -possible- alternative that might have a wider beam (have not tested yet), I would consider buying the AK-T60 XML-T6. Although a bit stronger, if the beam is too wide, it would not get as far as the 504B angle.
  • SMALL SUN ZY-A630 CREE Q5 3-Mode 260LM White LED Flashlight w/ Strap

    posted by carper123

    Very good torch for th money i put a 50mm*18mm 2~80-Degree Glass Optics in myne just to give it more throw i altered the inner workings a bit to give optimal throw 29mm from the led gives the best throw
    Just under 300 gramms with no 18650 batteries in so not the heaviest torch i put it on my gun.Its a bit top heavy but still a lot cheaper that other gun lamps.Oh yes i changed the driver for single mode plus put a ir led init.
    go buy one for £12.87 you cant complain

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