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led white spotlight 4w

The perfect led white spotlight 4w here to meet all your needs. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.

led white spotlight 4w Customers Reviews

  • Bright

    posted by filekb

    Bright. White. Spotlight. Works with AC, doesn't seem to get hot either. Low energy use compared to the 20 watt bulb it replaced. Much brighter than the 20 watt bulb it replaced.
    Waiting for the dark to see how much of a spotlight it is, but looks like more of a spotlight than the typical 4 watt LED bulbs seen on this site that are made up of 4 - 1 watt LEDs.
    Bright and low energy consumption!
  • Great cost-benefit option

    posted by fredcoque

    - Best cost-benefit in the category;- Good color light (not so warm, but OK);- Good light power;- Good build and construction.
    In my opinion, these lamps are the best cost benefit of their class (spotlight, GU5.3, 4W, warm white, 85~265v). First of all I bought three different SKU's and tested them side by side. This model were the 2nd better and the cheaper of the three.
    If you need a good replacement for dichroic halogen lamps, I think that this is the best cost-benefit available on DX.com.
  • Great value, possible replacement for home use

    posted by th3pr4wn

    Warm light, soft throw/spread pattern, reasonably close to normal MR16 in size.
    I bought one of these and one of sku 179963 to test before replacing my standard bulbs. 179963 has all good reviews and is a "staff pick" however mine wouldn't stop flickering. This bulb works much better and although it isn't as bright, it is definitely warmer and probably makes enough light for most situations. I will definitely use this in hallways and lounge rooms but will probably get something brighter for areas like the kitchen.
    Good value, will buy more.
  • Great replacement for GE #20641 halogen curio bulbs!

    posted by itsnorm

    Very compact design, bright light, minimal heat, dimmable (in my specific unit, anyway)
    These light bulbs are a perfect replacement for "GE Lighting 20641 35-Watt Halogen Curio Lamp MR16". We installed two of these into an exhaust fan over our kitchen stove. Having a precise fit was important because of the way the exhaust unit was built. This worked great! (Full disclosure: I had to slightly pull on the center contact in the socket to make it stick out more and make contact with this bulb. This is probably only needed for my particular application.) Our exhaust fan unit has an electronic two-level dimmer, and both settings work great with these bulbs!
    For the same price as the heat-generating halogen incandescent bulb, we are now getting great light above our stove with minimal electricity usage.

    posted by pericoloco2000

    The LeXing LX-008 GU10 4W 280lm 7000K 80-SMD 3528 LED White Spotlight Bulb - are an awesome way to save energy. Seems quite reliable and brights OK, and i think 280Lm is a true measure.
    the LeXing LX-008 GU10 4W 280lm 7000K 80-SMD 3528 LED White Spotlight Bulb is a good product overall.
    I would probably recommend this produt to my friends and family.

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