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This is our best led white light spotlight, they all share a great design and great prices. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Browse led white light angel or led flood lights white to find what you are looking for. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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led white light spotlight Customers Reviews

  • Meets expectations

    posted by RonFriedman

    Good quality, nice gold trim, pretty bright, light is focused and provides a nice light beam, nice light temp. very close to the standard halogen light (not as bright though)
    Can't yet replace the halogen spotlights but it provides enough light to be useful.
    I'll probably get a few more lights to replace the other halogen light I have at home.
  • not good enough for a flood-light replacement

    posted by jjpuerto

    The fixture fits well in the socket. It is well designed and it comes in a sturdy cardboard box. The LED's are well oriented and the casing and heatsink are well manufactured.
    If you are going to use this to provide light in a garage you'll feel like you are not getting enough lumens.
    Good enough for a standing lamp that isn't the main source of light in a room.The amount of light is not enough to replace a flood light in a working environment.
  • Great replacement for GE #20641 halogen curio bulbs!

    posted by itsnorm

    Very compact design, bright light, minimal heat, dimmable (in my specific unit, anyway)
    These light bulbs are a perfect replacement for "GE Lighting 20641 35-Watt Halogen Curio Lamp MR16". We installed two of these into an exhaust fan over our kitchen stove. Having a precise fit was important because of the way the exhaust unit was built. This worked great! (Full disclosure: I had to slightly pull on the center contact in the socket to make it stick out more and make contact with this bulb. This is probably only needed for my particular application.) Our exhaust fan unit has an electronic two-level dimmer, and both settings work great with these bulbs!
    For the same price as the heat-generating halogen incandescent bulb, we are now getting great light above our stove with minimal electricity usage.
  • Perfect replacement for standard halogen

    posted by xruiz

    The only model I found that fits exactly the same size as the standard 50w GU10 halogen.Perfect if the place you want to install it is as narrow where bulb need to be exactly same size as halogen GU10 to fit it.
    perfect replacement for a gu10 halogen
  • Amazing

    posted by NitNesiv

    Structure very sturdy, does not break because it is not made ??of glass, perfect fit and no matter the polarity, it even works on alternating current. The best compared to the bulb is that it does not heat up and have the same luminosity and with a very low consumption.
    The price paid was too low and the light is very good and emits a light temperature (color) enjoyable.
    Recommend buying. I consider it a great investment in the economy including the electric bill.

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