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You can find fashionable led white light panel at a low price. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

led white light panel Customers Reviews

  • Best LED panel ever!

    posted by tfrangel

    I am in the process of choosing and buying lamps/lights for my new condo. I have decided that I will use only LED light in the entire condo, and all lights would be surface mounted. However, so far, I had never found any light for the larger rooms (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office) that would get me excited about. Those I had found were too expensive, not bright enough, or too ugly. Also, most ceiling down LED lights I have found have a narrow beam, and are less bright than a 15/20W electronic/fluorescent light bulb.Ok... having said that, I must say that I am VERY happy with this LED panel. In fact, it is the first that perfectly fits all my criteria.It is slim... REALLY slim. They are serious about the 2cm depth, and you will be impressed by how light it is. At the same time, it feels pretty solid and well built.Also, it is BRIGHT, very BRIGHT! I have installed it next to a 4 x 15W assemble of fluorescent light, and believe me, it is brighter than the whole thing.
    Ahh... BTW... the light color is superb! My bedroom feels like in a bright sunny daylight: not two yellow, and certainly not cold-blueish. 3500K - 4000K is just the perfect color!The maker should provide an LED panel like this one that could be easily surface mounted. Lots of people drill holes in their ceiling, which I try to avoid, so I understand that embedded lights are more popular. However, with a LED panel as slim as 2cm and beautiful finishing, I believe that more people will decide to attach the light directly on the surface of the ceiling.
    One of the best DX purchases I have ever made. I am buying several more now, and I just hope that they are all similar (same light color and size).
  • Great workbench lamp

    posted by avk999

    Very good quality, nice to touch. Fine suspension system (I didn't need it, but the quality is high). Uniform soft white light, good for shadowless lighting of the work surface. I have it hanging about 1.5m over the desktop.
    Perfect replacement for desktop lamp. Color temp seems to be around 4-5k, it is not blueish.
    Great product. The price seems to be a bit high but it's worth it.
  • Good Light

    posted by KentNJ

    Good priceColor temperature is pretty close to incandescantLow power @ 300mA
    I am using this in my camper to replace some #1141 bulbs. As bright as the #1141 bulb I replaced, maybe a little brighter. The color temperature is a little cooler than an incandescent bulb, but not much.So far has lasted a couple months.
    Good buy.
  • Good choice

    posted by ivomirchev

    Very slim, good quality... Wide range lighting ( about 300 square meters) in my house.
    No... I put this item in my garage, it is perfect for this. May be the 300 square meters are lighting with only one item. It is IP66 and it quaranteed long life I think.
    I am very happy with this purchase. Be carefull - I had problems with bulgarian custums, because the weight of the item is around 1,5 kg.
  • LED Light Panel Review

    posted by BCR4619

    ~Bright, Works, easy to install especially with 3 different adapters to choose from~Upgrade to standard OEM bulbs~Works in pretty much any Car or Manufacturer
    better than those single diode ones, also have a larger panel and these are of the same quality. Have these in all my dome lights in my truck and really helps at night or camping for low power consumption
    Would recommend to others, great for Christmas presence or just little nick nacks... they are cheap so why not.

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