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led white e27 15w

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led white e27 15w Customers Reviews

  • Very nice light

    posted by Graven

    Very solidly build. Has a nice feel to it! Nice strong light beam produced. Has a great power factor when compared to other LED lights I have tested (this one is arond 90% PF which is excellent) In my testing it didn't get excessively hot.
    While I am awaiting a replacement I haven't been able to study it's internal design. However with a strong light output and great power factor I believe it's designed well internally. If I could find a use for these then I would definately buy more.
  • Electrical and Subjective Tests

    posted by apoapsis

    I tested the electrical characteristics of the 224 LED bulb I recently bought from DX.The 220-vac bulb tested 57 ma ac current at 238 volts ac input voltage, which computes to about 13.6 watts used.Over a period of a few minutes the current rose from an initial value of 56.6 ma to the final 57.0 ma.In an otherwise darkened room, about a meter from a 75-watt clear incandescent bulb, the 13.6 watt LED bulb appeared as bright (or brighter) subjectively than the 75 watt incandescent. The LED appeared a “bluish-cool,” whereas the incandescent was an “orangey-warm.”
    For a while now I have been interested in getting away from incandescent lighting in our house. The usual substitute here is CFL (compact fluorescent lighting), but that is a poor substitute. One problem (inefficient energy use) is just traded for another problem (eventual disposal problems of CFL bulbs containing mercury, Hg).The better substitutes are high power LEDs, with very long life, safe disposal, and are even more efficient than CFLs. But LEDs are not popular here yet, and they are typically medium power (~30 watt incandescent equivalent, ~450 lumens), and when they can be found in somewhat higher powers they can cost close to $100 each!I found a factory that makes these bulbs in Mainland China, and they offer them in various voltages and base screw-in sizes. This may indeed be the factory that DX orders from?This factory DOES offer the US 110-vac version.My workshop in our garage is very near the power distribution panel for our house; so it was easy for me to wire a special 220-vac screw socket for the 220-vac, 224 LED bulb. I would like to convince DX to also order the 110-vac version from the factory, in order for DX to sell 110-vac bulbs to the US, Canada, and a few other lower voltage countries. DX might also want to stock the 12-volt DC version, since there are many people in the US and elsewhere who own 12 vdc equipped travel trailers. But DX would need to verify what voltage/socket is in use for travel trailers because I have no idea. Possibly it is E26 in the US since they do hook up at times to travel park facilities for the night, etc, and that implies E26/E27 110-ac. But it may be a mix of 110-vac and/or 12 vdc for travel trailers.Other countries’ travel trailers might be other than 12-volt dc and/or other sockets/voltages?There may be big profit motives for stocking all two or three variations. For 110 vac and 220 vac either E26 or E27 bases should be fine. For the base to specify for 12 volt DC systems DX may want to ask people more knowledgeable about travel trailers.I believe there will soon be a BIG demand is the US and Canada for LED household bulbs in the brighter range and at the reasonable prices that DX can sell them for.I hope other customers on here tell DX similar things.This is a great product, but DX should provide that it is easily useable in the 110-vac countries, or they will surely lose out on a great profit maker.
    Difficult to use in the US.But on 220-vac it is a great product.So I will be ordering a few more soon, but just for my recently rewired 220-vac workshop.Big advantages: efficiency and cost.
  • Bright bulb, nice light for eyes

    posted by kinietis

    Good big lamp, that shines brightly and gives much light to your room. Has plastic casing and it protects led's form dust or damages. Light is soft, not blue cold an can be used in living rooms.
    No thoughts - it serves as lamp and gives light, so what else?
    Good lamp, good color, much light, worth to buy

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