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led white bulb pack

On this page, you can find a wide selection of led white bulb pack. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Try browsing 3w white led bulb, car led bulb white. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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led white bulb pack Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product

    posted by pucheta

    - The light of this leds is very bright, you get more bright for less price- Very efficient leds- Easy to solder because its lateral pins- Good for DIY lamps
    Excellent leds. A temperature sink is recomended if use full power.It works great, but I think long term heat can decrease their useful life. The sinks are sold at Dealextreme also :)
    I've made a DIY lamp with these leds and it works very well and the lighting is better than with other leds.I'll buy more of these :)
  • Very cheap and efficient leds

    posted by 61juri

    These 2 watt emitters can have twice the current as the one watt version , mostly used in ledbulbs for your home. They heat a little less up than the one watt version, the efficiency is comparable. So when you let them work together, (serie and/or parallel, you can make them suitable for every VDC between 80 and 4 volt with a 40 W poweruse and 3600 Lumen. That is quite a lot of light/ These emitters require a good cooling, if they become hot , the expected MTBF goes down VERY fast. The lightcolor shelve is nice and homogene no noticeable difference in color was seen by the individual emitters to the others.
    Excellent price, small cons in quality. But really good at all. Flexible to design. I recommend this item!
  • Very good

    posted by inaldosjr

    I liked the product, gives a very beautiful appearance in the car - I used the taillight.
    Install as a normal bulb original.
    plug and play.
    Gostei muito do produto, dá uma aparência muito bonita no carro - usei na luz de ré.
    Instalação normal como uma lâmpada original. plug and play.
    For those who want to leave the car with a cool look, I show a lot, but will have less light than an original. :)
    Para quem quer deixar o carro com uma aparência legal, indico muito, mas terá menos luminosidade que uma original. : )
  • Not bad, but

    posted by AEfremenko

    By the brightness of these bulbs replace home lamp power of 15 watts.
    Replaced 2 lamps of 15 watts. At the same brightness.
    But LED bulbs have a cold light. Therefore, the signal does not turn orange, and yellow.
    Saved a 14-watt light bulb for each. Power consumption measured to believe word for it.
    My tip for SKU 34643 is wrong.
  • Tip is positive, mantle is negative

    posted by Jaaap

    Great little light, only draws 95mA at 12.4V which equates to just over 1W.
    Good fit and size, nice white light.
    Light output is comparable to the incandescent one it is supposed to replace (5W)
    Dealextreme should provide more info on LED bulbs like:
    - Size (all dimensions).
    - Which is plus and minus.
    - Power usage
    - Light output in Lumen
    This would have been a great little light in my car but i cannot swap the positive and negtive terminal so does not work for me.
    Check your car before you buy.

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