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  • Destined for a few more conversions.

    posted by admacdo

    Bright, but not 1200 lumen bright. Turn your friends face to white in the middle of the day bright.. A good size to fit into many different hosts. Great throw with quite usable spill.
    When it says 8.4v max, it means don't put any more than 8.4v into it. It's a bit of a lottery if you do. You MIGHT get away with it... but you might not. It will cost you about 4 dollars and some soldering to find out if you can get away with it... and that's if you DON'T. So be warned.
    This is what you use to hot up those old torches if you're even mediumly handy with power tools. I was scaring the kids across the road so their father came out. He saw what I'd done to my old light and asked if I would convert his. One more sold.
  • Haven't seen a brighter flashlight since purchase

    posted by tyrannus

    - Excellent brightness : able to light up car plates and road signs hundreds of meters away, can provide more light than most domestic bulbs or light up an entire field like it's daytime.- Sturdy : accidentally felt down my 7 stories building into grass, flashlight didn't get a scratch, battery still worked with the upper pin a bit crushed. Still the same battery life (18650 unit) after many uses, can be used for 10+ hours in medium or low light settings, which are mostly sufficient.
    This high quality lamp has been providing me with a reliable light source for many nights, plus it's very helpful in dimly lit rooms when you need to find something without hurting your eyes. Almost too powerful, most times the highest setting is more than needed, this could almost compete with professional Maglite units, and would surely be helpful in a defensive situation.
    If I had to buy another now, I'd probably try out new focusable models. However, this product has been satisfying me for a year and doesn't show any wear sign, so I might keep using it for some time. And if I actually need a new at some point, I'll surely check out Ultrafire products again. Thank you again, DX.
  • Shock and Awe!

    posted by echotek

    I got this module intending to put it into a mag host. I decided to use the mag for an incandescent mod and ordered SKU# 1317 (Ultrafire WF-500 Xenon Flashlight)as suggested on other reviews, as the host. Wow! This module is brighter than any other light I own other than a big 35W HID spot light. Super spill with great R2 X 5 throw! My livingroom has a 16 ft. cathedral ceiling and the ceiling bounce from this module lights up the whole room! Almost TOO bright to use indoors or close quarters.
    Don't even bother with grinding maglite and module unless you have no other choice or just enjoy that type of mod. Get the WF-500.
    For under $70.00 (This module + sku# 1317 as host powered by sku# 20392) you can own a flashlight that is close to it's 1200 lumen rating and is guarenteed impress the flashaholics and non-flashaholics alike.
  • UltraFire 18WG-T60 is brighter

    posted by dksskdl

    Bright narrow-focused beam. Brighter than most other flashlights on DX. Durable.
    Having two batteries should last longer. This doesn't get as warm as the 18WG-T60. With this one the brightest setting is not a huge increase in brightness from the dimmer setting.
    A good buy, but not the best option.
  • Very good value for the money

    posted by NapCar

    The shape of the flashlight is very rigid and well designed for a firm grip, The 2 or 3 batteries type 18650 (7.2V - 11V) are giving a bright lightning result, more than I expected when ordering the 1200 lumen torch as a replacement of a former powerconsuming halogen torch. Exit halogen, exit 4-cell and 6-cell (!) MagLites ... I am very pleased with the same light result.
    The 5-Mode switch is in my opinion not necessary, but it was part of the deal.
    As said: very good lightning value for the money.


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