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led waterproof white 6500k

This is our best led waterproof white 6500k, they all share a great design and great prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Find more hot gadgets at 5m led white waterproof and led waterproof warm white. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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led waterproof white 6500k Customers Reviews

  • Good product, recommended

    posted by morokolli

    Very easy to install, just rip protective film off from double sided tape and stick to surface. After or before that, depends on place, solder wires from 12DC power supply and it's all done. Red is + and black - , those are marked on stripi.Cutting is easy made, marked locations and ready made solder pads. If need for cutting, clip strip from mark and you are done.
    Good for effect lightning or forexample lighting book shelf or creating contrast behind lcd-television.
    I would buy another..
  • Cheap but not of really good quality

    posted by clemvangelis

    The backside of this strip is covered with 3M tape, making it easy to install wherever you want. The brightness is pretty high and the waterproof package makes it installable even near water-points. The strip is even cuttable along the marks which are between each group of 3 leds.
    Easy to install and to power
    Buy it for occasionnal lighting only but not if you plan to use it more regularly
  • Nice lamp

    posted by Verticallimit

    This is a good LED lamp with a nice design. The lamp assembly is in good quality and it could look as if it was more expensive. The lamp gives a good light in a white color. Mounting bracket makes it easy to install.
    Due to the mounting bracket so that the light is very useful and can be mounted under eaves or in the flowerbed. Or as lights in the caravan.
    A lamp that looks more expensive than it costs and which gives a good light.
  • Bright and long

    posted by pikipirs

    These are very bright, much brighter than similar ones I bought locally and gave 4x as much money for. Can be cut every 5 cm, can be soldered every 50 cm (evety 10th cut has exposed contacts).
    LEDs are actually soldered onto a strip designed for RGB LEDs, but the LEDs themselves are all-white. In fact, each LED housing contains 3 white LEDs, so with a little but of craftmanship, a simple 3-stage light controller could even be made.
    The strip is a good purchase for every hobbyist. They are great for lighting up work surfaces in kitchens, workshops etc.
  • bombilla bajo consumo

    posted by juanmandcg

    la estoy utilizando en una lampara en el salon que tiene 11 casquillos. el salon es de veinticinco metros cuadrados. la luz es muy clara y es suficiente para iluminar dicho espacio.
    en cuanto a durabilidad todavia no puedo testearlo y dar opinion exacta. en cuanto a consumo me encanta. cada bombilla que tenia antes eran de 40w y ahora solo 3.8w.
    espero que tenga buena duracion.

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