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led watch steel Customers Reviews

  • Great watch

    posted by kmirosla

    Nice design, modern clasical watch with no "dead buttons". Robust firm stainless steal shroud, glass has no abrasions even though I accidentaly scratched it or dropped the watch few times.braclet buckle is firm and safe. Digital display proved itself to be very useful in dark and is totaly invisible when nothing is pressed.
    this is a great watch. It does not pretend to be a rollex or Omega by stealing their appearance and neglecting all the functions but basic timekeeping.This is a fine looking watch, elegant and sporty at the same time with all working functions. I am very glad to owe and wear it.
    Very nice, accurate and reliable timepeace wearable in all ocassions. i can tell that it is underpriced. buy it!
  • WEIDE WH903 Stainless Steel Analog + Digital Quartz LED Wrist Watch for Men

    posted by hirou

    The best thing about this watch is the easy to read secondary digital time display. If you press any of the four buttons on the sides of the watch the red/orange light emitting diodes display either the primary time or a secondary time. I have mine set up for UTC or Zulu time but you could set it up somewhere else if you are a frequent traveler. The same display can be used to take lap times, work as a stop watch, show the day and the date. The bezel rotates and has markings on it so that you can set it against either the minute hand or hour hand like a Rolex. The band has a locking mechanism exactly like the Citizen Ecodrive models. The pins on the watch band links are huge and make adjusting the band for a smaller wrist easy. The fit and finish of the watch is perfect. The watch came packed in a box and on a red pillow. Every inch of metal was wrapped in plastic for protection. Its impossible to see where the numbers display when the digital display is off.
    The movement is said to be from Japan but that's OK. I have been measuring its timekeeping against our National Time Base and found that it may or may not be one second off after a week. Its that good.
    I once paid more that this to have a watch battery changed.
  • Real Tokyo Flash

    posted by Tubster

    When I saw this, I noticed that it looked just like one of the Watches from Tokyo Flash. Their watches range from $200 plus. I figured it was just a rip off until it arrived. To my amazement, the instruction leaflet stated "Tokyo Flash". To my understanding, this is a legit "Corrosion" from Tokyo Flash. Could be wrong though.
    Thrilled that it was so cheap for a Tokyo Flash watch. Even if its a copy, still good quality build.
  • Quality watch

    posted by realthk

    Nice finish, surprisingly good quality at every detail.A proper, man sized watch: I have above average sized wrist, but had to remove one part of the strap, so it should be long enough for anyone (the opposite is a frequent fault of Chines watches).Strap has a safety-lock system, so it won't accidentally open.Specification states +-45 sec/day, but mine seems to be under 1 sec/day (at least the analogue movement, I haven't check the digital), so no complaints on timekeeping.
    Received no user's manual with it, but it was easy to figure out operation, and adjust strap length to my wrist.I highly doubt the (elsewhere specified) 3 years battery life as it is reported to have a plain S.Epson AL35E movement with 377 (SR626) battery.
    Well worth the price. The only let-down is the weak waterproofing: it's not a problem in daily use for work, but it feels odd to carefully put down this tough looking watch before having a shower or bath (not to mention summer holiday with swimming)
  • Good watch, good price

    posted by engramy

    A good watch, easy to use, comes with a manual. Stopwatch easy to use and access. The backlight is sufficient for low light situations
    A good watch for the price, big digits are easy to see, has a solid sporty look, no flashing or unnecessary details. Build quality is okay.
    I'm pleased. I did not know at the beginning whether I'm happy, but now I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, I recommend :-)

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