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led warm waterproof

The led warm waterproof your looking for is one of our top sellers. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Browse waterproof led bulb or led waterproof 220v to find what you are looking for. With your support, we can do better.
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led warm waterproof Customers Reviews

  • Bright and easy to use

    posted by TPAXTOP122

    Very bright almost blinding. Used it as a light for my home bar and it completely substitutes general lighting.Adhesive tape is of superior quality, sticks very hard to any surface even if it's not completely flat and smooth
    It needs about 4A of 12v DC for the whole strip so consider buying a laptop/router power supply
    Not sure that this strip will last long, but the overall quality is quiet good for its price. Definitely worth buying
  • Cheap, but very well built LED strip

    posted by Rammas

    This led strip is rather cheap, quite bright, build quality is very good, efficient and has 3M tape on the other side, which sticks to the surface very firmly. Does not heat up very much like other more powerful strips so there is no need for aluminium frame.
    You cannot expect more for such price.
    I would recommend to buy this led strip. You can always cut it into peaces and put them in parallels to get more illumination.
  • It is good for its price, though color temperature listed is wrong

    posted by SiepLQ

    1. With 4A current from 12 volts it seems like two "standard" 3528 LED strips connected in parallel2. If one 3528 LED strip is not enough for your project and you would like to double it in a simple way – this is good solution 3. Adhesion layer is good, just don’t forget to clean the surface thoroughly before applying
    1. You can get slightly more lumens (at the cost of work life) if you increase voltage to around 13-13.5 volts – this will increase current to about 5 Amps and temperature also rises, but not dramatically.2. Probably it is good idea to wire two internal strips in sequence rather than in parallel and use 24 volt power supply – lower current and thinner wiring
    Overall - it is good product
  • Very good price/quality/quantity

    posted by MRXC90

    Very good pricing. Light colour is not too white, but also not really warm white (3200-3500K) (compared to halogene lamps (about 2700K?)Cuttable every 3 leds. Waterproof coating makes it also easy to install and handle. 3M Adhesive works like a charm (surface needs to be dry and clean).
    Be aware there is no power supply or driver delivered with it. Any 12V supply will do (rated at at least 2A). But as described by others, It's also a good idea to attach multiple power supplies to overcome the length of the strip/resistance and keep the voltage as close as possible to 12V.
    If you need leds and light over a long length or just a lot and total lumen doesn't matter, this is the thing you need. Certainly , 100% sure a 5 star overall rating.
  • WOW

    posted by algspd

    It is VERY bright, with 8 meters you can fully shine a 6x3.5m room without problem.It is easy to mount on the roof but i would recommend to use a overhead lights with a translucent sheet to avoid the leds dazzle you.Theoretically, it cant fuse (for a lot of years). You can switch it on and off the times you want (depending on the power supply).
    This strip is a very good replacement for incandescent or even low-consumption light bulbs (it gets about 1/3 power than los-consumption bulbs)
    Replace incandescent lights with this.

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