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led warm light Customers Reviews

  • 1156 LED Bulb Great for intermittent use.

    posted by fuzvulf

    First off is the price, great price and value.Fits the 1156 bulb socket perfectly.More durable than incandescent.Light color is a good balance. I do not have any way to measure it but it is not as harsh as some other LED lights.
    Most of the limitations of this item are probably what keeps it so affordable. I had bought it as a replacement for incandescents in my camper. The 12 volt lighting system uses 1156 bulbs for reading lights and mood lighting. The price was great but it just wasn't up to continuous use. It worked great as a light. It would work great if I only had to use it for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.
    For the price, I'd give it a try again. It would probably work well in older car applications as long as the reflectors were in order.
  • Good value for the money

    posted by kohai

    The price is the main advantage of this bulb. I have two, and they work fine, both. No black LEDs. They seems well built, but not the very best though. The colour temperature is OK, very near warm white. The bulb fits well into the E14 socket. Little excess heat, they do not get very warm. I use it for reading light in the childrens room, where heat and fire hazard is an imporant issue.
    I have measured the current consumption to 0,04 A i.e. 8W. This mean that it has an excess heat in the area of 5W, and that is pretty good.
    Very cheap bulb, gives good value for the money. The two I have bought had no flaws at all, and I can recommend buying it!
  • Decent lamp

    posted by nachprod

    Low power consumptionVery acceptable build qualityLEDs are protected against damage and dust by a translucent coverColor temperature is actually quite warm, but see cons
    Power seems to be on a par with 40W incandescent bulb more or less. No 50 Hz flicker while used on AC, unlike some previous LED bulbs from DX.
    Decent bulb for a storage room or WC, perfect for country cottages, but maybe too expensive and definitely not too bright. I wouldn't use it to light up a living room.
  • 10W 3500K LED Alternative...

    posted by wampyz

    very bright 3500 K light when driven at max spec of 12 V and 900 mA... less bright and warmer 3000 K light when driven at 650 mA... cheaper alternative to the other 900 lumen 3500 K LED chips offered on this site...
    you can over drive these chips with slightly higher current... definitely do not try without a heat sink as it will fry even faster and potentially go into thermal runaway... have over driven the chips to 1050 mA with proper heat sinking...
    better value LED chip than the other comparable ones on this site...
  • Perfect replacement to halogen equivalent

    posted by RockDJ

    This light is the absolute perfect size for replacing 'smaller' halogen downlights. For example, the ones I have in my rangehood in my kitchen. Unlike some of the other larger 12V lights, this one fits perfectly and feels well constructed (uneducated opinion, however).
    The best part is that it's much brighter than an equivalent 20W halogen. For only using 1W of power, that's a brilliant saving and something that makes this well worth it.
    The colour of light is warm, but not as yellow as my original halogen.
    It's a bit whiter than your normal halogen (especially at the centre of light) but it's a LOT brighter than the 20W halogen I had previously.
    Everything said, it's a great replacement for these smaller, energy-sucking halogens.

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