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led warm 10 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product.

    posted by muzicz

    Very natural warm light (not too reddish) E27 LED and it provides good light intensity (according to my opinion it is approx. 45W to 50W incandescent bulb). Very nice design.
    I use it in my reading area in the living room so I won't need bright light here. Lower the price and this can be a hit.
    Recommendable light for places that won't need bright light. A great incandescent replacement with much lower power usage.
  • Realy warm white LEDs

    posted by lagel

    At last, LED that are really warm color.Many are advertised as hot in fact are a little warmer than 6000K, that is still too cold for night use.Finally, we can replace the bulbs in flashlights old with full satisfaction.As they consume less power, so you can replace the D type batteries with AA batteries using the Dx adapters, then the flashlight is much lighter (see photos) and more pleasant to use.Using two batteries, you obtains 3V, the LED does not need a heat sink, it only gets warm.
    Almost impossible to find else ware.
    A must for old flashlights
  • exactly what i needed

    posted by daswolf

    I use it for interior lighting on model trains. Many model train passenger cars have interior lighting available at a significant cost. I'm a hobbiest and prefer to build my own. These lighting strips work perfectly because it can be cut into sections to fit.
    I purchased this with a specific end use in mind. It will however work well as under counter lighting and other applications where hideaway lighting is requires.
    This replaces much more expensive lighting systems specifically made for the model train cars. It does require a bit more work but model builders don't mind as its part of the chalange.
  • Ultra thin ceiling lamp -14Watts

    posted by grasnal

    It is a nice gadget. Beautiful and with a bright light. It is really thin so it is easy to intall on the roof, in place of existing electric roof's box. Price is expensive for what offers.
    As said before, very nice presentation, as a decoration object.
    I hoped to change several ceiling lamps by this one but I have changed my idea. I need to do more experiments and try to find another kind of lamp, for this specific use.
  • Good solution at low costs!

    posted by Tyrrea

    The price is one of the best things about this lightbulb, and 3W usage will ensure that this keeps being the cheapest light for your home!
    Again, the price is the best reason to buy this, im planning on replacing all my home lighting with led lightbulbs, normally in Denmark that would mean spending alot of money on lightbulbs, but with these i can save around 80% of that!
    Great value, great buy!!

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