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  • Proffetional Digital Voltmeter

    posted by trainer111

    Easy to use, well designed housing.Works right away when connected.The accuracy is good as well.Snaps in easily into the re-prepared mounting hole.There is cable attached into a connector on the circuit board which makes connection and/or removing easy.The supply voltage can have wide values.
    A very useful device.
    Good price, good functionality
  • Great Voltmeter!

    posted by michalwu

    Small boardVery good solder -high quality surface mounted, I was amazed really!Useful range (4.5 - 30V is more than I will ever use)No additional power source needed.Low power consumption.There is a trimpot, and you can calibrate it when needed.PCB is very small, but you have two mounting holes on edges!
    You can use it in in many many DIY projects, will fit anywhere!I am going to fix it to home emergency power supply unit.
    I recommend buying this Voltmeter.Will work as expected.
  • handy voltage indicator

    posted by gpavel29

    is a handy AC voltmeter, just connect the 2 wires to mains. It is really accurate, though can be adjusted if needed.
    the blue LED display could look better with a blue filter. The unlit digits are visible in normal light.
    Is doing the job and the price is right. I plan to install it on my RV to monitor voltage when connected to power.
  • Great DC Voltmeter/Ammeter

    posted by icefire21

    - works right out of the box, no external shunt required;- two separate adjustment screws on the pcb. Voltmeter and Ammeter can be separately adjusted/calibrated if readings are inaccurate.- easy to hook up- relatively accurate (once adjusted, accuracy is ok..)
    Excellent price/benefit ratio. If you bought a volt-/ammeter and a separate external shunt it would normally cost about 50% more, so it's pretty much a good bargain. Perfect for home DIY projects (I used it for a DIY car battery charger)
    Excellent price/benefit ratio. Just great :)
  • good device!

    posted by ErwinT

    The same power source can be used as to measure, (thin red wire and heavy ground) if the voltage you measure does not exceed 30V.So this device can be used in an power supply!
    the yellow wire (current) is connected internal to ground, so be carefull and measure only current from devices to ground via the yellow wire.I have chosen for this 5A version because the current is shown also in milli-amperes.
    buy it ! it cheap and usefull, good connectors, easy to build in.

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