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  • No instructions...

    posted by holischitt

    It is a very small, cheap and light gadget. I´d be glad to use it in my products.
    I would love to know how to connect this nice little toy. Could anybody please post a link to an instruction here? Couldn´t find anything. Why 6 pins?
    I really need more information than just the technical data. The price is really good, I think and the quality seems good. But as it is only for professionals in this state, I will not be able to use it until somebody helps me out here.
  • Works like the charm!

    posted by pepesz

    - It's cheap but looks solid. - Works as expected.- So far quiet (without annoying buzzing).- Screw terminals for wires.
    The adjustment pots are not described on the PCB so little guessing is needed.The coil is not fixed to the board - would be nice to glue it to the PCB.There is no input polarity protection diode so do not swap power cables!Overall quite useful piece of product.
    Definitively worth the money, so buy it if you need one.
  • Nice small voltmeter

    posted by GBDealX

    Small overall with bright clear display.Simple hookup with third wire allowing for monitoring voltage independent of meter power supply.
    Should come with some connection information although the connections for this unit are more intuitive than for the matching ammeter.Caution when connecting to measure voltage other than the meter power supply: the measured voltage source must either be complete isolated from the meter power supply OR share a common ground.
    Good display for permanent installation. Will not replace your multi-meter,
  • Great clock, short cord

    posted by veemech

    Easy to use, just plug it in.Instructions in English and fairly simple.Includes mounting tape.Nice clear display.Three brightness levels.Has battery installed for backup.
    This really surprised me, when I plugged it in, the time was correct. It is nice having a button just for brightness, that is all the button does. Too bad the label didn't say brightness instead of set2. Other than that, the voltage and temperature are on a rotating display with the time, unless you program them off. Even with the voltage turned off, you can still display it by pushing button set1. The clock also features a mirror mode where you can view it correctly in a reflection. Besides that it is 12 or 24 hour mode.
    This clock has a bright disply that stays on as long as it is connected to 12 ( actually 7 to 30 ) volts. It is easy to read and shows the inside temperature. Temperature probe is 6 centimeters long.
  • Great Product

    posted by RaymondB

    RPM's increase fasterLights don't dim with my sound systemComes with all the required material to mount it
    If you know about the capacitors they have for sound systems, this is the same thing but for your other electronics. The components inside this device are water proof and comes with 3 extra grounding wires with mounting brackets. I have added a few pictures and hope that it will help with your decision in buying the product.
    A great product that help keep voltage at a constant level.

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