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led voltage meter

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led voltage meter Customers Reviews

  • Works!

    posted by denisonk

    The use is very simple. Just put in 12V and they show the voltagem.The price is acceptable, because they work and safe you to get without power to turn the engine.
    I cut the cable of one and put direct with 12V from battery to monitor the state of sound battery (hi-power car sound).i hope the this still working for a long time.
    I get 3 to lower the price. Maybe buy more if needed.Very good to monitor de voltage of battery while listening sound on car all night.Recommended.
  • Nice!

    posted by ProDigit

    Does what it's supposed to do, namely measure battery voltage, and display it on the LED display.
    Easy to use, just plug in and play.
    Is readable in sunshine, and bright at night!
    They should have made this unit with blue leds, and a green one with a greenish cap.
    The bluish cap is useless and blocks some of the red light of the red leds.
    Some cars may not turn off their cigarette plugs when taking out the key. Make sure you won't forget plugging out the unit over night!
    If you like gauges on your dashboard, this is one unit you should install too!
    It adds to the fancyness of your car, though it may not be very useful.
  • Nice DC ammeter/Voltmeter

    posted by Rimlyanin

    This device is small in size, without using an external shunt accurately measures the volts and amps in your circuit. Ammeter and voltmeter can be calibrated independently of each other for this purpose on the rear side of the device has two trimming resistor.
    The ammeter measures the voltage drop across the internal shunt resistor , which is not always possible to get a fairly accurate reading.
    Good quality / price ratio . To use such control circuitry .
  • Does the job

    posted by beercan

    Works well and are accurate.Easy to make attach into your dashboardVery simple to connect into your car or whateverproject you are using.
    A good value item
    I use two of those in our off-road car. One for the 24v system and one for the 12v system.They are accurate and the 24v shows the 12v x2 which is correct since there are two 12v batteries connected to each other. Measured it and found that it was accurate down to 0,1 volt. which is enough for most people.
  • Nice small voltmeter

    posted by GBDealX

    Small overall with bright clear display.Simple hookup with third wire allowing for monitoring voltage independent of meter power supply.
    Should come with some connection information although the connections for this unit are more intuitive than for the matching ammeter.Caution when connecting to measure voltage other than the meter power supply: the measured voltage source must either be complete isolated from the meter power supply OR share a common ground.
    Good display for permanent installation. Will not replace your multi-meter,

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