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  • White and UV are great, red light is less useful

    posted by Elenaratz

    Easy to use. White light may be used outside as a small flashlight when inserting the key into a keyhole in the darkness, for example. Red light may be used as a pointer while giving a lecture (ppt presentations etc.). UV may be used to see scorpions in the desert (I haven't tried, but I really want to, since I go to the desert at least once a month).
    I put some small pieces of electrical tape around the red light in order to focus it.
    I you don't need a precise point of light and don't mind having a blurred spot, you may still find it useful.
  • Excellent Product !!!

    posted by LHBI

    This flashlight is great for all cases, actually point out to everyone. The beam goes far and delivers what it promises. Who wants a flashlight this is the excellent product. There is a flashlight cheap, but worth the price.
    Who buy this flashlight, I refer also to buy a stack more powerful and even more powerful charger for the batteries.
    You can buy this flashlight is excellent
  • Great Flashlight!

    posted by ultimato

    This flashlight is just GREAT! the LED Light is good because these lights are allmost impossible to break and the light that comes of is also very good! the UV ledlight is funny to shine on white things for crazy effects like your teeth or a white T-Shirt. Laser is also fun to point at stuff or just anoy your friends! Also my cat loves to run after the red dot!
    Dont waste your money on buying flashlights over and over again because the old one is broken. This one is cheap + Very very well build, the aluminium is very strong and nice made.
    Buy this flashlight if you want a multi-functional and good working flashlight that you can use for the past 10-20 years!
  • Cool 3-in-1 keychain!

    posted by hkeitif

    -3 functions attached to a portable keychain-Very useful and portable-Cheap-Good looking-Batteries included-The clip is good for attaching it to the keys or to a bag-One button for laser and another for LED/UV
    The LED isn't so strong as i thought, but it's very useful and with the clip, this keychain always comes in handy. I have to find some use for the UV light and I hope the batteries can hang on for a while.
    I'm satisfied with the product. I like the color and the fact it's 3-in-1. The only things that worry me is about the build quality, but for this price I can buy another anytime!

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