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led tail light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • After 2 years they still works fine.

    posted by RCZevallos

    Bright of these bulbs are very similar to the original incandescent ones but using less energy. Brake light are similar to the original and the position ligh is brighter than original incandescent bulbs.I have these bulbs almost 2 years and they are still working perfect. Led ligh is faster than incandescent bulbs, therefore a few milliseconds could avoid or minimize rear crash damage from another driver.
    It is a very good replacement of the origunal incandescent bulbs.Since the leds are red there are no waste of energy on the rest of colours which are filtered by the red taillights of the car.
    Good light, good quality.
  • Red LED Car Tail Signal Light Bulbs for Corolla Car

    posted by vitvideo

    The bulbs for Toyota Corolla 2007-2010. Nice quality, bright light. For replace the reflectors in back bumper.
    I think it will be much better if these bulbs have the connectors on the wires. And try to make waterproof the place where the wires go out from bulb.
    Nice item to decorate your car and to make it more individual. The price is very good for these goods. Hard box and buble wrap - no damages during shipping.
  • Great LED Bulbs

    posted by GodHammer

    Small power consumption and a lot cooler than standard bulbs - after 10 minutes of continuous usage, it's only warm.Whiter color (see cons) than the yellowish color of the standard bulbs.Brighter then standard bulbs.
    This led had no reviews so I was a bit skeptical to buy it.After I've installed it, I it was clearly more brighter than the original bulbs (don't expect to light the whole car :) ) and whiter in color.The only drawback it the bluish tent in the color - but doesn't bother me.
    I use this bulb in the glove box of the car and in the trunk - it's great in the trunk, but more light never hurts :)It's cheap and has a good build quality.
  • Wrong size

    posted by cobrabih

    I ordered the bulbs 36mm length, but I've got a 30mm length. Everything else is OK
    It's very bright. Color is quite near blue. Not annoying blueish, not yellowish. It's much more better then stock bulbs. Power consuption is much lower. No heating. Several bulbs have exact same color.
    bulbs are extra quality
  • Excellent Bright Bulb

    posted by bartoli2547

    A good replacement for existing candleshaped light bulbs. Theses one are a just a bit wider and certainly a bit longer in size, but they fit in good enough. Quality build is rather good (not perfect), as what you would expect for this price. Price/quality is OK.
    Since these are LEDs, i don't need to replace them anymore. Classical light bulb are getting more hard to find that last few years around here (Belgium).The "Warm" light is not as warm as i expected it to be, as they are brighter than the original bulbs. They certainly have no "cold" glow, but seem a but "yellowish" (but more "white").
    Altough the price could be more or less same as of what i pay here in my country, i think it is a good investment in the long run. LEDs are supposed to be more enegy efficient.I can recommend this bulb for possible other customers.


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