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led tail light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Wrong size

    posted by cobrabih

    I ordered the bulbs 36mm length, but I've got a 30mm length. Everything else is OK
    It's very bright. Color is quite near blue. Not annoying blueish, not yellowish. It's much more better then stock bulbs. Power consuption is much lower. No heating. Several bulbs have exact same color.
    bulbs are extra quality
  • Excellent Bright Bulb

    posted by bartoli2547

    A good replacement for existing candleshaped light bulbs. Theses one are a just a bit wider and certainly a bit longer in size, but they fit in good enough. Quality build is rather good (not perfect), as what you would expect for this price. Price/quality is OK.
    Since these are LEDs, i don't need to replace them anymore. Classical light bulb are getting more hard to find that last few years around here (Belgium).The "Warm" light is not as warm as i expected it to be, as they are brighter than the original bulbs. They certainly have no "cold" glow, but seem a but "yellowish" (but more "white").
    Altough the price could be more or less same as of what i pay here in my country, i think it is a good investment in the long run. LEDs are supposed to be more enegy efficient.I can recommend this bulb for possible other customers.
  • Good price/quality..

    posted by samsam88

    Good price/quality. Car looks much better with these than with normal bulbs. Haven't noticed any flickering with these, works like they're supposed to work.
    These bulbs fit for licence plate lights and for interior lights also very well. Brightness is good and light is nicely white, maybe little bit bluish. I've had these in place for two weeks and still working properly.. hopefully these have long lifespan, but i'll see it as time goes by
    Definitely going to buy pair of these again
  • Exactly what you would expect

    posted by arkore

    This is exactly as you would expect. I had an old Ford Escort 1979 Mk2 where the red plastic of the break lights had faded to almost clear. These lights completely restored the red break light quality.
    It appears there is limited driving electronics so the lifetime may not be as long as the LED manufacturers specifications. However, it should last at least as long as a standard halogen bulb.
    For the price this is an excellent way to restore the red colour to the break lights of your car. If you are legally required to have this then this option is far cheaper than replacing the whole light fixture.

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