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led tail light brake

Every single led tail light brake displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. car brake tail light led or led vehicle tail lights may offer more options for you. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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led tail light brake Customers Reviews

  • Very bright! Brightest T10 led bulb

    posted by john3v

    360 degrees light. Good cooler. Glass bulb makes use safe and protect LED from external temperature (for example from the halogen bulb in the headlight). Does not requires to consider of where the positive terminal.It consumes near 3.6 watts at 12.0 Volts (0.3A). In real use at car, voltage is 13.6V - it goes up to 4,5 watts (it is near to classic T10 - 5 watts)
    They are OK
    They can be used as DRL (daytime driving lights) of the construction of headlights allowed it (they are really long bulbs - 51mm)
  • RED LED good for brake lamp

    posted by Brianlimwh

    LED is bright enough , Its red LED , very stylish and i think nothing to complain about the light
    For the price I'm very happy with the product. I installed the normal bulb and it always burned after a month . This led I believe it will last longer
    u guys can get 1 of this, very stylish , the size they design is totally same as the normal bulb , so no worry about the matter of size
  • Good 3157 replacement, equivalent brightness

    posted by JimM0000

    These work great as a 3157 replacement.They support the High/Low output of a 3157.A 3157 puts out about 260 lumens. These are equivalent.The light is cool white
    These work great on my camper since I don't need load resistors on the camper. If you're using these in your newer vehicle, you will most likely need load resistors to prevent CANBUS errors.
    A good simple replacement for a 3157 bulb that draws less current. Great for a trailer.
  • Yes, is a good product.

    posted by Alexbrz1960

    For those who want safety when driving, this is a good product. It is strong and good price.Can be placed in any position and draws attention to slow the car down.
    I had to be careful when riding in my vehicle, but it was not difficult, despite the lack of assembly instructions.The small lens below the largest has a xenon lamp, which flashes when you slam on the brakes.
    I really liked the result, despite the lack of information about the device.I recommend for everyone to buy, because in my country it costs a lot more expensive.
  • For Rx-8 owners

    posted by Skywalker81

    super bright super eye catching!!!easily get sighted. easy installation,plug n play. brake and signal fits well(7443/T20). same goes to the reverse light bulbs. Packaging is awesome, comes with protective envelopes to protect the bulbs.
    is good if it comes with an diagrams or basic installation manual.
    satisfy with the product with this price tag. worth trying. much cheaper than local shop.

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