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These cool led t6 zoom are high quality and at affordable prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

led t6 zoom Customers Reviews

  • Best 900lm flashlight

    posted by lelohunter

    This is a really really nice flashlight. Its very small, but its power overwhelm my other 900lm flashlight when using the concentrated focus. The focused beam can go as far as you can see if the weather is good.I never tried it on water, but another friend here said that it is really waterproof.
    As I said, it is an amazing flashlight, and for this price is quite impossible to find a similar!
    If you are looking for a flashlight with zoom, go for it!
  • good and bright

    posted by swap24

    Uses 2*18650 battery for long runtime. Comes with charger and batteries, ready for use. Zoom lens useful in different circumstances. Bright enough. Good assembly. 248 g weight.
    not really 1000Lm
    Good and ready for use Flashlight at good price.
  • Good value aspheric thrower with flaws

    posted by cyclesport

    good value for $$adequate to good build qualityfairly bright (but could be more)head moves very well, nicely damped action
    Overall I'm very happy with this light since all I wanted was a cheap, budget aspheric thrower to see how a XM-L emitter would work in this type of configuration. Performs as expected, much like a larger 18650 version of the Sipik SK-68 only with a XM-L LED. It DOES NOT however throw 500m as claimed, maybe 150m tops! Also, it gets very hot, very fast. I measured 1.7A current draw on high...not the 2.5A claimed.
    Yes it has some flaws, but to use occasionally for throw for a minute or two at a time... and for $17 US I can't complain. Also...the zooming head on mine functions great...not loose at all as others here have mentioned. The head dissasembly exposes a lock ring to be tightened if needed and allows access to add thermal paste (which I would recommend).
  • Great Light

    posted by Shutterfox

    can be powered by either AAA or AA batteries, has three power levels so you can conserve battery if you need. The strobe mode in somebodys face at even a moderate distance will cause pain and is a good self defense tool.
    more friction or indent-stops on the lens zoom so that it hold position. you really do not need the S-O-S mode, not that many folks even know morris code anymore.
    Liked it so much I bought more for gifts
  • Seems 'cheap' but...

    posted by broodmaster

    Good flood for the three constant modes;Seems like there isn't much difference between mode brightness but on a meter they are 100%, 50% & 25%;Clip is thin but holds tight;Heats up quickly so heat transfer seems adequate;Smooth, firm sliding focus movement.
    The chargers' current is just above 400 mAh. Would like to have the lens made of glass and the crown made of stainless steel.
    Despite the negatives, it's a good combo for only ~$5 more than the light by itself. This a convenient gift package and an interesting gadget compared to more conventional flashlights.

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