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led t10 12v Customers Reviews

  • I bought this set again

    posted by smileymouse

    Great set, still after one month of use. No change of colour, as bright as on the first day of use.
    Look, I bought this set again, for my friend, as he was excited to see them on my car.
    I put few pictures in the review of this product, so you can see the effect. They do have a bit of blue colour, but they do the job required. I bought them twice, so that's the bes recomendation.
  • Good bulbs

    posted by expresspotato

    These bulbs went into my license plate frame, two of them, to replace two other LED lights purchased on DX that simply burned out with smoke on the first day. The bulbs give off a decent amount of light for the application and haven't burned out yet.
    These bulbs are good so far, will edit my review in a few weeks time. These LED bulbs burn out quick despite what you hear online.
    These bulbs are cheap for the pair and offer a good amount of light.
  • Good Light

    posted by MarcioBBB

    - Very bright.. More than my standard 10W T10 bulb.
    - Cheap
    - Very easy install (plug and play)
    - Low power consumption
    - White (litle blue) light, much better than standard yellow one
    I measure at 13.87V and get:
    - 1.47V drop on retifier bridge
    - 9.2V in each string of 3 leds (after resistor)
    - 3.1V at resistor (181 Ohms)
    - 17mA through each LED.
    - 3.1V at each LED.
    - 65mA total current at input (@ 13.87V)
    So the power of leds is: 3.1V * 17mA =~ 52mW (each)
    Total power in LEDs = 52mW * 12 =~ 650mW
    Overall power =~ 13.87V * 65mA =~ 900mW
    - Good for this price.
    - Even getting only 650mW it's more brither that my original 10W incandecent buld.
    - Maybe if it was made with 16 leds, it will be much better
  • goo price

    posted by Narvil

    little bit more luminous than w5w bulb but mimimal consumption, very good for change for inner car bulbs. function with dimmer. i must order next 12 for replacing in my car. 100lm is relative but still better than normal bulb
    when this led will have cover it may be use as a front outline light, may be a better Lm in this W5W pls?
    nice LM for price/ bulb w5w, all led whos under 50 lm are not usable for carlight!
  • Sooo Bright

    posted by jason3947

    -seems as bright as the 1.8W light.
    -amazingly tiny construction
    -extremely bright
    -hurts eyes even in daytime! wasn't
    expecting that one!
    -super clean white colour
    way smaller than i imagined even with the dimensions posted. think of 2 dimes sitting next to eachother.
    makes some weird materials glow weird colours when shone upon, i mean things like flourecent orange plastic. like on toys
    awsome product!
    soo much light
    bright white colour, everything looks like its right colour, no weird gamut


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