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You will be surprised our best led strip with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. led strips set or 3528 led strip contains many hot and popular products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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led strip Customers Reviews

  • 3W 40-LED 2-Mode Yellow Light Decorative Strip (4m / 3 x AA)

    posted by Mihkel7

    Good quality.Nice plastic box, wont survive a drop to asfalt, but better then some China battery boxes I have seen.NOT WATERPROOF!Indoors will run 24h with one set of rechargeable batteries.Outdoors (its -10C here) they last maybe half that, if continuously on.Also has a blink mode.Rather weak, yellow light. which I like I also have similar white lights from this site that are much brighter.
    If you need bright lights that run on batteries then these are a good option. I suggest you use rechargeable s - otherwise it will be rather expensive to run.Very nice decoration for my bedroom plants on the window-seal. Dim enough to keep running during the night. I also bought similar white set from DX witch are much brighter and light up the room during the night.
  • Bright! Good deal!

    posted by DharmaBum

    Bright. Flexible. Smooth surface makes them easier to clean. Good value!
    It's pretty easy to limit the current and hence power on these LEDs with a transistor and a resistor. I ran a small 55 cm at 8.3 watts (equivalent to 75 W for the whole 5m) and after about 30 minutes they are only warm to the touch, i.e, you can grasp them hold on for as long as you want. They will do fine even if you don't mount the strips to heat sinks. Dropping the wattage to an equivalent 54 watts for 5 meters results in less heat and about 50% less bright, as detected by my camera's light meter but barely detectable by eye. These strips are a great deal!
    If you want some great LED strips that can be used for cover and undercabinet lighting buy these.
  • Works sweet

    posted by tracyching

    Super easy to get up and running. Connected this to LED dome light 12v 8.9w panel. Works nice in aquarium hood. RF signal range works across the room - very nice and convenient.
    May not work with all 330mA drivers. It didn't work with SKU 47060 current source. LED Light flickered at 50% with 7w COB LED 22volts. SKU 47060 driver has design flaw.
    Great but expensive.
  • really nice!

    posted by kprzywara

    Great price, great waterproofing shell. Easy to cut and re-join (if you can get used to soldering), bright (can be dimmed as needed), awesome selection of colors, remote is great
    I highly recomment this LED strip for anyone who is looking to accentuate their home.
    Installed it under my kitchen cabinets to provide the light I really needed. Kitchen looks amazing now..
  • usefull for every project around the house!

    posted by djonah

    Cheapyou get 1 powerfull 12V power supplyyou get a very potent dimmereasy to cut, solder, recut an again resolder in the length and shape you need/want
    If you don't need the powerfull 12V power supply or the dimmer and are going to use only a portion of the 5m, just get the cheaper 5m 300 x 5050smd and some less powerfull 12V power supplies.
    I made multiple project with these kits, the lumens produced are 1080 max per meter for warm white ones. The strips use less than the advertised 72W which is normal. A strip is not the best way to connect multiple leds. If you would solder loose 5050s you would get better lumen output and better heat dissipation But a lot of this can be had by using 1m max pieces of strip and soldering them separately to the power supply. This results in less V drop over the strip.On top of this, USE A HEATSINK! Using a small AL plate will result in longer life of the leds, better heat dissipation and higher lumen output.


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