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led strip waterproof 300

Purchase the latest led strip waterproof 300 with wonderful pricing DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Of course, you can find them from led strip 5m waterproof, 12v led strip waterproof. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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led strip waterproof 300 Customers Reviews

  • good for the price

    posted by Shai27

    Good price. Looks like its waterproof.
    I connect it to PC power supply. Current is 2.5Amp, so the power will be 12*2,5 = 30 Watt for 5 meters. So it's not 75W as described. Full power of 5050 3-chip diode is 0,5W at 60 mA. But 0,5W*300 = 150W per strip - it's a lot! 18A is not good for flexible pcb. A circuit consists of 150 ohm resistor and 3 LED in series. Each LED have from 3 to 3,5 Volts drop. If you want to get 60 mA current throw LED you need to use only 25 Ohm resistor! (E.g. (R=U/I) (12 Volt from power supply – 3* 3,5 Vdrop)/0,06 Amp = 25). On this strip resistor can’t be resoldered, but I can raise the voltage.
    In order to achieve 75W I need to use 15V supply, I think.
  • Good quality LEDs for the price

    posted by lovegun14

    Quality, bright LED strips. Used for stage prop lighting. Economical price for a very bright strip.Bright. Easy to solder. DC plug is a bonus feature. Well made product.
    perfect for this application. Exceeded expectations.May use a few strips in my boat.
    Bright, quality LEDs at an economical price. Ordering more for all my sign and prop needs. Highly recommend these lights for stage use or signage.
  • Got my led's, YAY!

    posted by Rickjaymz

    These lights were the best deal i could find at the time of ordering, they are bright, seem to be good quality build even though i haven't used them outdoors.
    not knowing what power supply to use i hooked them up to a "120V AC 60Hz 0.3A Input / 12V DC 750mA Output" power supply from some old electronic i had. it seems to work good, lights up the whole strip no problem but it does get hot after a while.
    Good lights if you know how to or can learn online how to wire them up to a power supply.
  • good item for good price

    posted by salamandr

    Nice blue light, working great, it is really waterproof as it's advertised.For EU electricity standard you just have to change a plug. But this is very easy. Just cut this one and join correct one.
    Hope it will last for a long time.
    It is a good item for that money. You can use it indoor or outdoor... or maybe in/on the vehicle.
  • Good LED strip

    posted by JVisc

    - You're not paying for a controller with this, perfect if you want to drive these yourself.- Waterpoof- Separate Red/Green/Blue wires so you can make any colour
    - Sticky tape is actually inside the waterproof plastic cover, so you have to remove that if you want to use the sticky tape (or just use your own).- Strip gets warm to the touch after operating for a few minutes.- 70W sounds a bit far fetched to be true, but I haven't measured so I can't really say- Power supply is rated 12V, 6A
    You'll need some MOSFETs and a microcontroller of some sort if you want to drive these. Pretty good RGB strips, and they're reasonably bright!

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