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On this page, you can find a wide selection of led strip lights. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. View more by looking at white led strip light, green led strip lights. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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led strip lights Customers Reviews

  • Awesome ledstrip

    posted by julianvdmeij

    This led strip is reallt bright green and awesome to use on your car or bike. you just got to hook it up to a 12v battery to make it work and put a nice switch between it and you got a really awesome effect. It flashes alot and really bright so don't buy this when you have epilepsy i like it and it's really good. And it's really cheap.
    The stip could flash a little less because it can get anoying after a while.
    if you want a short flashing bright green led strip.you should definitley buy this one.
  • Not Perfect Quality.

    posted by freeform

    Pair this with the remote IR switch and you've got yourself a cheap very cool looking light.
    I have 2 of these in my apartment, I used to have 2 before in an old house, behind tv's etc - the quality of those was better.. I'm a little worried that dust or something might get into these and short it out or something. It's great for a cheap project, but nothing professional.
    Buy it if you want a cheap LED strip light.
  • Superbright blue light!

    posted by rumiti

    If you planning to have a cool bright light in your car, this is it! It actually lights brighter than the neon light in my car :) My plan with the lights are to have 2 on each side of my boat (under the waterline) I hope it will make it under water. I'm going to test it next summer. Hopefully this will give me a nice effect around the boat :)
    Need good blue lights? this is the one! If you was planning to add neon to your car, this may be a better opportunity.
  • Flexible solution

    posted by Geving

    Each individual LED has three different colors.
    This strip comes with a connector, making it easier to connect to your control unit.
    The "piggyback" solution at the end, for connecting more strips in serial, is actually very easy to reach.
    Bright lights
    This has common anode, meaning that it requires ONE positive and THREE negative connections.
    This must be considered if you're going to use this with electronic controls.
    I like this one very much.
    I'm buying several different RGB strips from this and other places to see wich ones I'll be using on a big project.
    This is one of my top candidates when considering price VS function!

    posted by Buckwheat

    Amazing little lights, very bright. Just what I needed for my car. I would tell anyone to buy these. Price is right, can't get them any cheaper. I put them under the hood of my car making the engine glow red. EXACTLY what i wanted, looks amazing!! You could put these lights anywhere, they will do the trick!!
    If you are looking for a meter long strip of Lights, GET THEM!
    Going to order more for my other vehicle!

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