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led strip 150

On this page, you can find a wide selection of led strip 150. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Customers can also browse blue led strip or white led strip to find their desired products. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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led strip 150 Customers Reviews

  • super product

    posted by lillnemo1

    I allready had one 5-meter rgb with remote controller and it was great, no it wat SUPER
    My whole room was filled with immense light and colour
    the colour-mixing was really great too
    so now I bought another 4 5-meter strips, but without controller, I want to hook it up to a Collingwood DMX controller and a dmx-decoder/led driver from ledtuning.nl
    to be able to get high wattage circuits
    the RED wire is common +
    the Yellow wire is for RED
    the BLACK wire is for GREEN
    the WHITE wire is for BLUE
    Super product, get it
  • Great for atmospheric illumination - top notch quality

    posted by helmi123

    Decent packagingAC/DC converter seems to be of high qualityEasy to useGreat color options Everything you need for operation is included in the package.
    I like that the diodes don't get very warm during operation. This makes it possible to use it in tight spaces.
    I would recommend this SKU to everyone, who wants to install a cool and cheap mood/atmospheric light, e.g for their living room or lounge.
  • Great lightstrip

    posted by MileStorm

    - Very good price for an RGB light strip (In my country this similar strip cost two times as this one.)
    - Great colors, bright, looks very nice, when it shines on the wall at night :)
    - IR Remote with very good range and angle, so I can turn lights on/off from any place in my room.
    - Cuttable after 10cm (3x LED)
    - 3M doubletape on bottom of the strip.
    If there's no manual for remote, here is short description of it.
    MODES: blue, green, light blue, red, purple, light green, white, R-G-B cycle, cycle of colors above, R-G-B cycle with fade, all spectrum fade cycle.
    BUTTONS: under ON/OFF switch are for brightness, under MODE switch are for cycle speed in cycling modes.
    Very nice led strip for very affordable price.
    Great for decorating car, room, bar.
    Remote controlled.
  • Very Bright

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Very Bright, easy to trim to length desired, great colour for a shocking effect
    The pink colour is great for a shocking display, can be set to a timer or dimmer and can be used as a fade colour (orange to pink looks cool)
    A very generous 5M length of very bright LED's. Outdoor use is no problem, and they are durable. Not sure about longevity, haven't used them a lot yet, but so far flawless
  • Great deal makes fun

    posted by aliburo

    This is very good Quality, nice shining RGB LED Strip with controller and remote, You just need a 12V power supply. Cunsumption is around 1 to 1.5A, depending on the chosen color. It is absolute watertight, in some kind of a rectangular Silicone hose.
    Good buy, less expensive in the set than buying the parts alone. adjustable brightness, adjustable speed in flash and fade mode.
    Buy it, have fun!

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