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led string light ac

On this page, you can find a wide selection of led string light ac. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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led string light ac Customers Reviews

  • Very nice leds

    posted by LuckySkywalker

    Easy to install, great light, very bright leds, lots of programs. Its price is great for 200 Leds. Made my neighbour very jealous!!! You won't find even half leds in stores for this price!!!
    After christmas when i dismount them from outside home, i will fix the loose wire and probably make it a little longer so I can have the "programmer" inside home next year.
    Sturdyness of the programmer and length of the wire.
  • LED lights

    posted by skmdias

    Great item, very cheap, bright light, unusual color (pink! :D)All lights came ok, all of them were working just fine!
    I used this inside a wine bottle to make a lamp... Looks great, but there is no off switch... so, i have to take it off the power on the wall.. other than that, none.. I would also love if it had a switch, so it´s easier to find the mode I want.. It´s really just one button and you press it until you find the one you like...
    Loved this, whether for a xmas tree, for decoration or for a lamp!
  • Bad design

    posted by WInzigM

    Nice cheap led decorations.
    I bought 2 string lights and, second piece haven't problem with isulation.Most likely because different resistors were used 1k (instead of 2k) = it means that the power loss on resistor is most likely below 0.25W.
    This is really dangerous - xmass decoration. Led's are powered directly by 230V And when the insulation is melted you can get pretty big shock(last shock in your life).
  • Icicle not string lights

    posted by bassborg

    - Very bright and colourful LEDs
    I bought this for a project I was working on. I really wanted a simple string of lights, but these are in an icicle type arrangement, with varying length strings of each colour branching off the main wiring. Instead of a string of red-orange-blue-green repeated, there are strings of the different colours. And there are too many orange ones!!!! Are they cheaper than other colour LEDs? In addition, despite there being four colours of LED, the LEDs are wired into the controller so that the blue and green LEDs are on the same phase, so the blue and green LEDs light up together in every sequence.
    Probably the biggest issue is that they're not a true string.
    For me, they weren't exactly what I needed but for most people they'll be perfect for a christmas tree.
  • 180-LED Christmas/Decoration String Lights

    posted by tymop

    It has a very high luminosity: It is installed all around a room. It make a sufficient light to see all in the room.We look at the television without any other light.I think that with another, it would be sufficient to live without other light emitter.the wires seem to be of good quality.
    Need to know which type of DEL are used to be able to repair it when it will be broken.
    Good Christmas light.It it will live a long time, I am happy of my bought.

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