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led spotlight gu5.3

Buy quality led spotlight gu5.3 at our online store at low prices. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. led spotlights 5w, led spotlights 220v may be more suitable for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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led spotlight gu5.3 Customers Reviews

  • Great cost-benefit option

    posted by fredcoque

    - Best cost-benefit in the category;- Good color light (not so warm, but OK);- Good light power;- Good build and construction.
    In my opinion, these lamps are the best cost benefit of their class (spotlight, GU5.3, 4W, warm white, 85~265v). First of all I bought three different SKU's and tested them side by side. This model were the 2nd better and the cheaper of the three.
    If you need a good replacement for dichroic halogen lamps, I think that this is the best cost-benefit available on DX.com.
  • Perfect replacement for a 20W halogen

    posted by eatatjoes10

    - exactly 4,08W power consumption (0,34A at 12V)- nice beam and color- thermal grease! At least a little bit.- no polarity (works with +/- and -/+)
    Bought two of these and two sku 128179 to compare them. Specs are similar, but this one is much brighter (really uses 4W, 128179 is only 2,4W!). I also compared them to a 20W 35mm halogen spot.This one gives a bit colder light then 128179, wich is nearly as warm as the halogen spot, but 128179 is also much dimmer. I'd say, this one (123940) is the best replacement for a 20W halogen spot I've ever tested. Color is warm white, no blue or green tint.It could have a bit more thermal grease. There is some, but I doubt it's usefull. The LED's will live longer with some more of it.The driver circuit is not glued to the plastic part of the housing, no problem if somebody needs to replace a burned one (in 128179 the driver is glued to the plastic housing, bad for replacing it)
    I'll see how it lasts, seems to be of nice quality. Try to put some thermal grease to it, allways helps to last longer.
  • Buy cheap, buy twice

    posted by dustin4ehu

    Cheap lights with a good warm light. The 3w is more than enough for the garden lighting application bought for.
    I'd probably spend a little more next time as the extra $3 a bulb will provide me with a better quality light and less failures.
    Spend a little more and avoid 20% failure rate. Other LED MR16 lights I've bought have not had this problem.

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