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led source Customers Reviews

  • Good quality

    posted by jpafi

    - Has enough isolation between AC and DC sides.- Heat sink is isolated (connected only to some noise filtering capacitor) so you can ground it.- Input has common-mode filter and fuse.- Output current is 1A exactly.
    Put it in a grounded metal box and you have a very safe power supply. The metal box will make sure that it won't catch fire.
    Works fine with SKU #95820.
  • This power supply works perfectly

    posted by tuesskok

    It is small and this is big advantage for me becouse I can put it in my led bulbs. It has big working range - from 90V to 265V.
    I bought three of this current source power supply driver. I install them in the three bulbs in my bathroom. I bought also 7W power supply but for my bathroom 3*3W is ok, there is enough light with three lights by three LEDs of a watt
    I am verry happy with my order. I will make led light at my village and I will buy again from this current source power supply driver.
  • Good driver but needs cooling

    posted by Cy4n1d3

    The amount of power delivered is indeed enough for about 6w of led lights. The price is low and the item is easy to use. Current seems to be pretty stable, no huge fluctuations or flickering.
    If they don't die within a die, they work fine.
    +delivers pretty stable current+good bang for the buck+amount of power delivered satisfying-driver gets pretty hot-two out of three died within a short timeframe, could be a bad batch thoughIf they work, they work fine. I still would recommend heatsinking them to make sure they last.
  • 10W LED Constant Current Source Power Supply Driver (90~265V)

    posted by ppaw

    This is a small, compact led driver, Good price and best of all it works.And if something should go wrong it is repairable
    Instant start up for the LED where as some others take up to 1 second to illuminate the LED
    Good compact low cost LED driver with a low power usage.
  • tomhyyt

    posted by tombba

    -Does the job well. I'm driving 9x3W cree XR-E Q5 with this
    -Does not generate a lot of heat
    -Price is pretty good
    -Put's out 0.96A with 9x cree XR-E Q5
    -Has grounding lead on input
    -Build quality seems solid (altought I have no idea how it looks inside)
    -Seems to be the only option in DX for 9x3W led string
    I haven't tested is it really waterproof but it sits over my aquarium and is under constant moisture so it seems to handle it well.
    Cheap and seems to what it's supposed to do very well.


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