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led smd bulb 110v

You can easily find the latest low priced led smd bulb 110v offered at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

led smd bulb 110v Customers Reviews

  • Combined review of SKU.41319 vs sku.51688

    posted by ProDigit

    3800-4000k white yellow bulb
    This is a combined review for SKU.41319 vs sku.51688.This bulb is brighter than sku.41319, though not by much; though it also runs much hotter!I bought 3 samples, the color of all three is even (unlike sku.41319 where some are more yellow than others).It compares to a 35-40W incandescent light, and has a color temperature of about 3800-4000k, similar to the color of a 75-100W incandescent lightbulb (only matches color, not light output).
    Probably the brightest LEDS I've bought on DX of this size!I only hope they will last.
  • Repairable bulb

    posted by wiserbutpoorer

    Small, cheap price, can repair
    Fits in most standard USA light fixtures, but not all, because of the short base with no neck to extend it away from the socket.
    I purchased 10 bulbs.
    I have been using for about a year and a half, and only one broke, but repaired and working again
    The 18 l.e.d.'s are in series, a 2 uf. @ 250v cap, limits line current with a 270k ohm resister (1 watt?) paralleling it, on one leg of the line voltage. Then the bridge rectifier, then filted by a 10 uf cap with a 10k ohm bleeder resistor-surface mount in parallel with the filter cap, then the series l.e.d.'s.
    Measured 53V.D.C across the 18 l.e.d.'s in series.
    This is a good light, a very white color, I have 7 in my bathroom, but still not as bright as I would like. But for 21 watts use, it is bright enough and cheap on the electric bill.
    Now, sigh, the rest of the house.
    This light, being repairable means probably a lifetime of service.
  • very bright

    posted by juste.frank

    -looks nice -very bright, consider using it with a cover to limit light blindness-price is low compared to other LED bulbs founds in store locally (in Montreal anyways)-fitment is perfect, will fit on similar bulb without any problem
    LED boards are not fixed properly, you can easily damage it if mishandled
    would buy again but would like to pay a bit less for this product
  • too weak for bigger places

    posted by Gus1979

    very good quality.
    saves energy.
    very good for the environment
    I think that the price is dropping and in a few months it'll be cheaper.
    I bought 8, and only one has a problem. It's working only with 11 of 21 leds.
    Now I bought E27 4W 360-Lumen 3500K Warm White Lamp Bulb (110~260V) (sku: 54676) expecting that it'll be brighter.
  • Bright Spot

    posted by OM4Ti

    This bulb produces a VERY, Very WHITE light. I was surprised at how bright a 150 lumen bulb appeared. It is actually a bit too bright for my application. This bulb fits a standard US light socket.
    The compact size and low power consumption shoud make this a favorite bulb to use in displays and showcases. I plan on exploring more of DealExtreme's LED light offerings.
    I plan on buying more of these. Tis one replaced the compact flourescent bulb that is over my desk.

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