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  • Good - honest product

    posted by cesarious

    Fair low price, at least compared to local offering. Rear light is stylish and provides standard to good red rear illumination. Front headlight, not bad for on 3xaaa power source. Enough light to be easily spotted by car drivers when you are riding, but not that much light to ride only relying on this headlight.DX service: supported delayed on delivery questions promptly. Package took 45+ days from purchase date to arrival... but it arrived!.
    Consider other options if you are in a rush.
    Works well, complies with what it promises. Buy with confidence if you believe it is what you are looking for.
  • Works sweet

    posted by tracyching

    Super easy to get up and running. Connected this to LED dome light 12v 8.9w panel. Works nice in aquarium hood. RF signal range works across the room - very nice and convenient.
    May not work with all 330mA drivers. It didn't work with SKU 47060 current source. LED Light flickered at 50% with 7w COB LED 22volts. SKU 47060 driver has design flaw.
    Great but expensive.
  • Colored LEDs are fun

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    All of them work and are adequately bright. Voltage drop is ok. The white ones are especially bright, and thay are the only clear ones. The others are diffused, so they are perfect for indicators. It also comes in it's own little plastic case. Nice.
    Cool thing to have if you do DIY electronics. Spice up your projects with a colored led or two. And you get a nice little plastic organizer to boot.
    Go for it!
  • T6 Smooth Crown Water Resistant XML-T6 3-Mode "120

    posted by rka973

    Very bright (Much Brighter than my two other 900 lumen lights)
    Fairly solid spot - only slight centre fade.
    Sleek design
    Although the appearance is great, I wonder if the light will get too hot as there are fewer heatsink groves?... Time will tell.
    Worthwhile purchase. Buy it for the brightness!
    Build quality is a bit questionable.
    A bit hit and miss with these lights as to whether you will get a fully functioning one, but for the price they are a good option...
  • Realy warm white LEDs

    posted by lagel

    At last, LED that are really warm color.Many are advertised as hot in fact are a little warmer than 6000K, that is still too cold for night use.Finally, we can replace the bulbs in flashlights old with full satisfaction.As they consume less power, so you can replace the D type batteries with AA batteries using the Dx adapters, then the flashlight is much lighter (see photos) and more pleasant to use.Using two batteries, you obtains 3V, the LED does not need a heat sink, it only gets warm.
    Almost impossible to find else ware.
    A must for old flashlights

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