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  • Red LED Scrolling Message Display Board Rocks!

    posted by dgcenci

    Larger that I thought... It´s looks larger when somebody hold it in your hands... the led lights are brighter than apeears in the pictures and videos. The cable it´s long, very effective to get plugged normally towards the wall or another type of plugg.Enought numbers of caracters and letters, good size of letters.
    No futher thoughts about the product.
    It´s the product that I was specting...and it complished every single feature that DX tell us in the information.
  • Good product

    posted by macacaio

    Program it as you want it. Write what you want, no problems about that.Light, 2032 battery for energy (very cheap).Useful: try to use it as a sign, a gift, an ID in a party, whatever. Comes with 2 batteries.
    Good overall. Brightness is good, not blinding nor impossible to see but on the other hand, the battery seems to be not so fixed in its place, so the leds don't go as bright as they should.
    No problems at all, except for a dead battery. NICE PRODUCT.
  • Great Product

    posted by mmarcosta

    Simple, small, bright and fully function. It comes with the entire alphabet and many symbols (even some animated ones). The design and the magnectics that comes with makes it useful for using as ad-wear-badges! :) I'm using that to run messages other drivers when brakes are on in my car (with some hacking, yeah!)
    Neither pros, neither cons. At first glance writing text on it seems to be hard... you have to browse letter by letter, using the tiny buttons behind the display and believe me, without having to turn it to see what's ENT/DEL or any other key... :) with some practice you can do it easily!
    Good product. Good material. But a small USB cable would be great if coming with it!
  • Interesting

    posted by AuSlade

    * It's bright (and has 2 brightness settings - High/low)* Easy to read display* 20 messages, which means a fair amount of data / text can be stored.* Cheap(ish). I've not seen local prices, but they'd no doubt be dearer.* Text / message entry is easy once you get the knack.* Batteries are standard / cheap* Spare battery* Magnetic clip - It won't ruin your clothes.* Multiple scroll speeds, including the ability to make text static.* Uppercase, lowercase, symbols and accented letters to suit a variety of languages.
    For a magnetic scrolling / static single line display, this works very well. It's would suit people in trade shows as a name badge, or those weird people (like me) who would walk around with random messages being displayed.The lack of a USB cable, adaptor or details on which cable to get for the proprietary USB socket is disappointing, however text entry is reasonably easy with the 7 buttons on the back.
    If you need or want a scrolling message badge, then it's a good price, easily readable and can store a fair amount of messages. Recommended.
  • Terrific product

    posted by emmarvee

    No more having to use the middle finger for the tailgaters ! This gets the message across very well. Display and remote are good quality. Very easy to program and operate. Manual is only half useful, but the unit is easy to work out.
    Great device to get your message across, and has many applications other than just in a car window !
    If you want to get your message across, this is for you.

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