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led rubber Customers Reviews

  • Great glowing ball toy for fun and pets!

    posted by mhiron

    This glowing ball is a great toy if you like playing fetch with your dog during dim/dark times of the day and night. In complete darkness it is a very cool effect to see just this ball hovering back to you.The product seems to be genuine nite-ize, and since its a very solid and strong construction (the instructions say you can treat this ball almost as rough as you like, short of batting it with a baseball/cricket bat) and since one of the methods to turning it on is standing on it, I believe it!Its made of a good strong but slightly soft/rubbery plastic, seems very tough and has a good weight to it, like a cricket ball.The glowing is great and works just as intended. The glow effect is a little lopsided on the ball, but I'd imagine that's just the direction the LED faces within, backed by a tiny circuit-board to control the pulsing and colour-changing.Also its waterproof.
    I can't comment on the life of the batteries within but it seemed fine after a night of play and I think I left it on accidentally for a few hours, but I haven't noticed the glow being any dimmer since.You can change the batteries, and there are instructions on the pamphlet how to do so.Would look very cool if you got 3 and juggled them in the dark.
    As a 'ball' to play with, it is a great size and weight, with a comfortable almost-soft feel and a slightly textured surface.The lighting is very cool, making the whole ball glow. This was great playing with my dog, who also had a lot of fun fetching it in pitch-blackness (about 2am!). The dog didn't seem to have any problems with the material or glowing.You'll never lose it in the dark.
  • Flying is not as hoped

    posted by Steelratrus

    Did not see a lot of pluses. Bright LED. Not afraid of water - more than once fall in wet snow. Pretty durable gum - not torn.
    They must sell for 5-10 pieces. Very unreliable design. For this product is difficult to write 500 characters =)
    I'm disappointed. Maybe I'm not correctly folded its wings, but did like the picture.
  • Good watch

    posted by Abrotea2

    Well it´s a good looking watch it´s easy to operate. No one near of me have seen one like that so it´s a major pro.The chain was reduce to fit in my pulse so no worrys about that. The package is in metal so the watch is well protected
    Good for the price.
    For the price is a good watch but it´s no goot for l a present because it gives that feeling of chinise watch because of the plastic material.

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