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This is our best led pop lite, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Your support is our greatest motivation.

led pop lite Customers Reviews

  • Great UW Light

    posted by renamire

    Fast delivery in Indonesia (20 working days) who is fast here.no taxes add to send from singapore to Bali.2 replacement o-ringsgood packagingvery bright light for the pricepossibility to switch on with 5% or 100%
    it will be good that it is written in the order if it is with usb or not
    you can order it cloe eyes. they also provide repacement for the litium battery who is a good service
  • Great all round flashlight

    posted by ven105

    Great build quality,nice spread of light with easy zoom by pushing/pulling head .Makes easy use with one hand once used a bit(little stiff at first).Uses AAA batteries x4 so convenient and cheap to run.On a par with my lenser t7 but 1/2 the cost......Fits nicely in hand so a compact flashlight which has a good comfortable feel without too aggressive knurling and ridges.Good battery life for AAA batteries,no need for expensive fancy batteries .Easy to change in holder which does not feel cheap as some other brands do.Solid feel and well machined and no deep recessions which trap dirt etc
    For a good all round flashlight that allows a nice long beam to a great flood for close up its hard to beat.Many others more powerful on market but don't feel as good in hand as well as not as well made.The 220lm s more than enough for general use and more....none of this 1000lm for 5 minutes stuff,just a good clean bright light for hours.....far more use in 99% of the time imo.
    Great value,great build,great feel=fantastic all round torch that will stand up to everyday use.Although different sizes (excluding my t7)this is my most used compared to my p14 and p17 lensers for convenience offering a similar light with just a slightly smaller flood.Buy it,you won't regret it if you appreciate a good quality flashlight!
  • Very good diving flashlight

    posted by DANIELTOLEDO

    The POP lite F2 Cree Q5 100-Lumen Diving LED Flashlight (4*AA), is a very good, very well made, good material, beautiful, easy handling, efficient flashlight. The time to delivery was short, around a month. it comes with the batteries, plus some replacemente parts for its proper isolaton for the water. It comes in a very fancy box and the Cree light is very bright.
    Its relatively easy to the diver manipulate and allows the vision inside small caves and under the rocks when diving a little more deep.
    After all it is a very good purchase and surely very useful, without forgetting to mention the very good quality of the item.
  • Nice !

    posted by Dogboy88k

    2 cell types (Primary Alkalines or provided Lithium 32650), 3 ways to charge (AC, 12VDC, USB), 2 sizes (with or without extension tube).What more could you want ?When considering the price, compared to other DX flashlights, you should factor in the included 32650 (SKU: 103936) worth US$22.30, the quite nice aluminium (I think) gift / carry case and the inbuilt charger, obviating the need to buy a dedicated charger.
    Not much discount for buying 3 or more.This would make a lovely Xmas gift.
    Quality item. Quality price.One torch to rule them all.You know you want it.Expensive compared to DX torches.Cheap compared to brand name offerings.

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