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On this page, you can find a wide selection of led pin lights. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Find more popular products from led work light, led aquarium lighting. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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led pin lights Customers Reviews

  • Decorative but not as bright as a halogen bulb

    posted by stuffi75

    - looks good (metal cylinder)
    The light output is quite directional - it is actually a reflector lamp.The lamp works well on a AC 12V supply, not only on DC as stated in the description.
    A nice looking and cheap way to make your own lighting - just be sure to use enough lamps to provide sufficient lighting. Not a 1:1 replacement for halogen lightbulbs.
  • Really Nice

    posted by rizwanrana

    I bought this to use it as a night light in my bed room and this thing really looks cool. The finish quality is OK, not that great but it isn't bad either in anyway and for $4.00 :) This also has a light sensor which is good as you don't need to turn it off during daytime or using room main lights.
    This lamp has only 1 brightness level where as i have couple of others from different stores that change their intensity according to level of darkness.
    Just buy it, I am sure you will love it.
  • Good quality bulbs

    posted by Nayskincan

    Foremost, build quality is excellent.
    Brightness is actually only about 70 percent of the bulb that it would be replacing, but nice even light dispersement. Almost the same size as an actual bulb.
    Does not get hot.
    Uses extremely low power to run.
    Might actually work in many application that use this size bulb, unlike many before these.
    For example vehicle tail lights that have a translucent red lens allowing you to see the bulb would probably look great with a set of these (just slightly less light).
    Some of the best that I have seen to date, and I've tried many.
    Color temp. is about 6000k (Very cold white light). Would be a bargain at around $9.00 a pair.
    DX needs to also sell these in red (for a more reddish hue when used in tail lights). - COME ON DX!!!
  • Pretty good

    posted by djsparky

    The low brightness is pretty good, it can easily been seen at daylight, even when the sun is shining on the taillights.
    Good building quality.
    It's worth its price.
    Since i'm working on a project to replace nearly all of the bulbs of my (european) car into LED's, I'm looking for the right ones for the variaty of functions. I tried these bulbs for the tail/brake light, but in my opinion they aren't the right ones for the job.
    If you're using it with extra turn/break lights it could be a valuable product. If (like mine) it has the function as tail/break light, I'd rather go for the sku 13426.
    But overall it's a pretty good product for the price.
  • good for that price

    posted by trepstrer

    - use safe 5V voltage, can be used outdoors if sealed properly- multiple light strings can be chained together via round connectors-works as expected, imitates falling snow/rain-came with EU power adaptor
    Lights starts blinking all at once at the same rate... only after some time is stops being synchronized and it looks like random as each tube has slightly different frequency.
    It works and price is adequate.

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