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  • Good quality LED's

    posted by virtualgeek

    It's very good quality on the LED's, and they are also very cheap. They are perfect for projects where you need some LED's for indication. Like for example a combination of one red and one green for signalling result of an action.
    Cheap to buy and you have enough ones to build something together.
    A very good buy.If you're a hobby electronics geek like me, you probably need to have these at your workbench. They are perfect for DIY Electronic Projects.
  • Nice cabinet lights

    posted by Nygma

    This is a very nice cabinet light. I think the color temperature is cooler than 3300K. I have quite a few 3000K LED lights and this is definitely cooler. Still not as cool as "cool white" lights. I will attach some pictures later.Unlike some of DX product, this comes in a proper package with an EU standard energy chart. Probably the exact same model is sold around the world.
    This is all plastic construction. The chrome played rings are plastic as well. The lights produce considerable amount of heat. This is not a problem, I just thought these low wattage multiple SMD lights would give out no heat at all.
    IKEA has similar products for probably +20% price, but cleaner design and probably better quality, service.I am happy with these cabinet lights, but I will probably would not buy more at this price. But if you need such low profile cabinet lights, you will not be disappointed.
  • white 5 mm leds with some more power

    posted by lasermanathome

    white led in normal housing (5mm) but with more lightoutput when the max current 6omA is used.
    When they are 1/2 watt, they must be able to handle about 150mA.I have not tried this.The light is about 8000K so a little bluish.DX should check the max current and give the right Wattage, now there is a conflict between the power and the VXA (3.5VX.06A=0.21W) quite a difference!
    I advise DX to check and do the math so correct info can be given.By viewing inside the led , the dye is bigger than normal, the reflector is not, so the reflector is completely filled with dye, it is not possible for me to check the measurement of the blue ledcristal.I think it is not the intention to do the homework for DX but is is NOT said that the led can't handle 1/2 Watt , or can........
  • Triple Chip Led (SMD)

    posted by nicolasantoci

    Triple chip LED with excellent performance and three legs for each diode. Ideal for assembling PCBs or any compact lighting.
    Technical data (b-ww-w-g):Recommended Power: 3.1V @ 60mAMin Voltage Supply: 2.8VMax supply voltage: 3.6V Not much to say, are just LEDs. SMD LED cast resin presents semirigid, characteristic that exceed the conventional LED light quantity and quality. They are surface mount, through its automated assembly, increases both the quality of the product and its usage time.
    Very good product for any project DIY (do it yourself). I recommend it!
  • good price

    posted by ncjsvr

    Good price, good led, i´d bought a time ago and i do it again.THe light is constant and work very well betwen diferent temperature.the ship is very fast, incluse in christmas timethe product meets the specifications and am using with intensive
    Dx have a good product, i dont have problem with anything.they have very care and send all thing with its proteccions, all product arrive in perfect condition.
    price, quality and price,


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