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led pcb board Customers Reviews

  • Great price!

    posted by ecotack

    Cheap, Great for soldering your own LEDs to. The pads solder easy.-ve and +ve are clearly marked.Same size and shape as used on many LEDs.
    I use to solder the LEDs to the stars by tinning the boards, placing the LEDs in place and then heating the heat sink with a small torch until the solder flows. But when soldering lots of LEDs this takes time and I usually burn myself. I found a better solution is gluing the heat dissipation pad on the back of the LED to the heat sink, with a suitable heat transfer glue and then soldering the legs when the glue is set. More likely to get them in the correct position.
    Cheap enough in a big bag, why not?
  • Nice Led board

    posted by elpelikano

    Good qualityGood thermal conductorGood priceGood finishEasier to solder with 1W leds
    Useful for connecting several board and get a high illumination.
    Ideal for use with a heatsink. I recommend using silicone grease
  • A useful product for mounting high power LEDs

    posted by aptaa123

    Good qualilty, very easy to solder. Surface is clean, clearly marked solder pads, white surface for mounting in visible position. Solder sticks where it's supposed without messing around with a lot of fluss. I bought these to mount 2W Warm White LEDs (SKU: 133080). The cost is really low and for me should be enough for making a number of DIY lights for my home.
    Can be srewed on surface or mounted with thermal conductive adhesive. For uncomplicated soldering you need quite powerful iron.
    Lots of very functional PCB-s.
  • Powerful light

    posted by albertcfont

    pure white and very powerful light. Compact. I'll use it for an aquarium daylight. I'm happy with this LED board but it's a little bit expensive for beien a DX one
    Maybe it could cost a few dollars less, but it covers all my needs
    Do not forget to add extra heatsink, it gets really, really hot!
  • Quick electric test of 28-LED PCB

    posted by MarcoWink

    Compared to small emitters (10W, 20W) on metal board, this one has a much larger area, so cooling is more convenient and less critical wrt thermal conductivity.
    All leds appear to have same light intensity, aluminum PCB will make sure temperature is about the same over the board, which is important.
    Price per lumen, convenient.
    - heatsink/PCB is large enough to enable to run the light without additional cooling till about ~5W (0.25A, 20.5V)
    - I made some quick measurements, the PCB appears to have a Rth of about 4K/W. At 10W end temp of PCB was 60 C, at room temperature (not recommended for permanent use), note that in a ceiling fixture environment temperatures will be higher.
    - Note that when temperature of the leds increases, current increases with same voltage, so use a real current source in stead of voltage source to stay save!
    - you could cut (saw) the PCB if you need another voltage!
    "2800" lumen for 20 USD is good offer, convenient module.


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