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You will be surprised our best led multicolored strip with an artful design and an amazing price. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. You can also browse waterproof led strips, led strips 5m. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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led multicolored strip Customers Reviews

  • I can't believe such quality at this price!

    posted by alkaucil

    It works perfectly, is waterproof, comes with a remote with battery included which works in a pretty long range, its bright and working modes are excellent. Also, price is great in comparison with the same product in my place. Exterior plastic is very hard.
    When you buy this i recommend you also buy the power source because it's not included.
    This is a MUST BUY. I'm sure i will buy more of these, probably in bulk which is even more convenient. I tell you: you won't regret purchasing this led stripe!
  • Good LED strip

    posted by JVisc

    - You're not paying for a controller with this, perfect if you want to drive these yourself.- Waterpoof- Separate Red/Green/Blue wires so you can make any colour
    - Sticky tape is actually inside the waterproof plastic cover, so you have to remove that if you want to use the sticky tape (or just use your own).- Strip gets warm to the touch after operating for a few minutes.- 70W sounds a bit far fetched to be true, but I haven't measured so I can't really say- Power supply is rated 12V, 6A
    You'll need some MOSFETs and a microcontroller of some sort if you want to drive these. Pretty good RGB strips, and they're reasonably bright!
  • Very good product

    posted by nikolobo

    Very good price, in my city it's about 5 times expensive. Works out of the box without any modifications. Very good and defined colors. Can be set up to display a nice white-ish color if you need to.
    I've bought two of these items, one of them about a year ago to put in the trunk of my car and it's still running like a charm. The one I purchased lately is for my brother's car and he's glad with it
    A very good product, worth it.
  • Great LEDs at a great price

    posted by dcubed

    High quality LEDs.
    The controller melted down on me after less than half an hour of use at ~13 V with a full string of LEDs. I opened it up and replaced the driver transistors with TIP120 med-power darlingtons with small heat sinks and it's been fine since. I would recommend this mod to anyone that plans to use the controller with a full string.
    The controller is really just a bonus considering the great price on these LEDs. And with a little effort it can be made to work properly.
  • Great product, but handle with care

    posted by mrnmrnmrn

    * really bright!
    * paper thin strip, with the LEDs sitting only around 1mm proud
    * when you reconnect power, the unit comes up in the same state (ie powered up or not; same program and settings)
    * there are a number of programs, hittin a single button on the remote moves to the next program in sequence
    - single fixed colour (green, blue, cyan, red, yellow, magenta, white)
    - flashing green red blue in sequence
    - flashing green red yellow blue cyan magenta white in sequence
    - fading up green, holding, fading out then repeating for red, then blue, and so on
    - fading up green, into yellow, into red, into magenta, into blue, into cyan, into white, then to black, and repeating
    * 16 brightness levels, from very dim but increasing quickly (so there is little difference between the last few). Brightness only applies to the fixed and flashing programs, not the fading programs. When changing brightness, the new level fades up (or down) over around a second
    * The flashing and fading programs have configurable speed, from many flashes per second (or a complete rainbow fade over around 3 seconds) to very slow (taking around 30 seconds per colour in the rainbow fade)
    * clearly marked on the back of the strip if you want to cut off 3-led sections if you need less than a full metre
    * self-adhesive strip is already applied to the back of the light strip
    * DX really need to pack these better, the paper-thin strip can't stand being creased or crushed in the post
    * remote unit differed slightly in design but had same 6 buttons:
    - on/off (red one, top left)
    - "menu" which cycles through the programs (see below)
    - brightness + and -
    - speed + and -
    * strip is prewired with 30cm leads into 4-way connector
    * control box has 20cm lead to 4-way connector, 1m power lead (bare ends)
    * IR receiver was supposed to be glued to side of control box as pictured, but this was detached when it arrived. It should be easy to extend the wires and site the receiver further away from the control unit.
    * LED Strip has common anode (+12v) and separate cathodes for red,green,blue, like many other RGB strips. (you can see this if you zoom into the closeup picture of inside the control box with the lid removed)
    * Great remote control unit
    * Strip is fragile, but should be better once you stick it in place
    * Bargain price for 1m including the control (compare to prices others charge for just 30cm)

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