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led mr16 5w

These cool led mr16 5w are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. View more by looking at mr16 led driver, led mr16 4w. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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led mr16 5w Customers Reviews

  • Good Value

    posted by crackojack

    Nice bright white light. No noticable blue tinge like some lights in this temperature range. Appearance when off is attractive compared to SMD LED lights, looks more like a standard Halogen bulb. Don't get any where near as hot as the halogens.
    Mine are working fine on my original iron core transformers. If you are installing new downlights I would increase the number required as most LED downlights seem to suffer from a narrower beam. If installing in an existing fitting, I would check the depth as these are a little longer than standard halogens.
    These are still good value and I am happy with them. They do not light up the room like 50w halogens but they do throw a brighter spot.
  • Excellent lighting, excessive size

    posted by szarza

    - White Illumination suitable for bathrooms- Light powerful. High brightness. Brighter and whiter than the SKU: 178893 (http://www.dx.com/p/daiwl-h3001w-pvc-gx5-3-4-5w-540lm-6500k-30-smd-5050-led-white-light-lamp-white-dc-12v-178893)- The bulb lights immediately, has no lag time as others.
    They are the best lamps if you install a small number of them and there is room enough for them. However, there may be other similar cheaper
    They are highly recommended for the quality of lighting.
  • Good light for 5W

    posted by algp66

    Good amount of light for 5W. Is marked as 12VDC on the box, but it is really AC, as this lamp have no polarity marked and I had no need to check for it neither.Light temperature is cool, for me is OK, I'm using it in a bathroom.
    Gives more light than a somewhat similar OSRAM LED MR16 4.5W lamp I have in the same bathroom. My osram lamp is also more yellow... For my bathrrom I prefer cool white.
    Probably I will buy more.
  • Bought 18 of these 4 have failed so far.

    posted by pftxc11

    Cheap, energy efficient, good color and high output.
    DX sells replacement LED lamps:http://www.dx.com/p/1w-90lm-3200k-warm-white-led-emitter-3-2v-44409If you are handy with a soldering iron these can be repaired.The lamps are in series, usually one is bad.Note the replacements seem to be reverse polarity from the originals.There is a "-" stamped on one lead, this goes opposite the line on the circuit board.They are 12V AC or DC, they have 4 diodes at the input pins, forming a bridge recifier.
    I calculate that at 18 bulbs save about 10-15 dollars a month depending on usage so, I guess they will pay for themselves in about a year if they last that long.
  • Good quality - wishing be a brighter product

    posted by fanled

    Good product but don´t bright enough to replace a 50W halogen (700 lm should be much better)... but it's only 5W. Good energy saving.The colour temperature is almost the same of an halogen lamp.
    Note is a GU5.3 for 220V (usually 12V), so the driver is no needed.As it is COB led (chip on board) I hope it has a good endurance.
    Good replacement for a 40W halogen. Good light spreading.

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