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led mr16 3w

If you want to purchase led mr16 3w, this is your best place to buy it. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Customers can also browse led mr16 4w or led spotlight mr16 to find their desired products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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led mr16 3w Customers Reviews

  • Good quality light

    posted by Manok

    The colour is a nice warm white which is quite pleasant. It does have a slight green tinge but it's not very noticable. It's almost an exact match to the much more expensive bulbs I currently use.
    A decent quality light bulb with a pleasant warm white colour
  • Godd pricing and performance

    posted by hhiippyy

    * Very compcact * good build quality * easy to improve
    This driver is build on MC34063a base, so you can easily midfiy it, if you want to make dimminel light. All that you need to do, it's deolider 220 Ohm SMD resistor form the top of the board, and solider on ti's place in series 220 Ohm resistor and 5 KOhm potenciometr, and you get 3W led driver with variable current. But, if You ar intersted in usingi it on the lowest current you wil need to change Coil with bigger one, to prevent blinking
    Very good LED driverMust have for DIY projectVery cheap, about $1 per driver
  • Amazing

    posted by NitNesiv

    Structure very sturdy, does not break because it is not made ??of glass, perfect fit and no matter the polarity, it even works on alternating current. The best compared to the bulb is that it does not heat up and have the same luminosity and with a very low consumption.
    The price paid was too low and the light is very good and emits a light temperature (color) enjoyable.
    Recommend buying. I consider it a great investment in the economy including the electric bill.
  • Good

    posted by SmartDX

    Cheap and bright.High-quality soldering, good current regulator gets full bright at 11,5vColor temperature near 3000K - not yellow and not cold.Thermal glue between leds and shell prevents LED degradation.
    Bean angle near 30 degrees.Power consumption:At 10V - 0,12A - 1,2WAt 11V - 0,3A - 3,3WAt 12V - 0,28A - 3,36WAt 13V - 0,26A - 3,38WAt 14V - 0,24A - 3,36WAt 15V - 0,22A - 3,3WAt 16V - 0,21A - 3,36WAt 17V - 0,20A - 3,4WAt 18V - 0,19A - 3,42W
    Good lamp for good price.
  • Good product with a little but.

    posted by Kriigo

    Good quality, well build and bright white light, Like all leds its power efficient. Very good for lights in a corridor. Package was fine and all bulbs were working.
    I will definitely order more of those to change all my halogen light. Despite the fact that it wend a bit darker that was at the beginning im satisfated with its brightness
    For this price I'm 100% pleased with the product

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