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led mr16 3w Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement for 30W halogen

    posted by ofsilence

    Cheap!Its color is warm, somewhere in the middle between 2700K and 4200K CFL - the most comfortable for me. Light is somewhat focused - the beam on the floor is about 1.5 meters.
    Very good cooling is provided by the heatsink. It gets only a bit warm.illuminance, in my setup:30W halogen 90 luxthis lamp 120-140 lux depending on distance from the center of the beam.takes 320ma from regulated 12V source = 3.8W. Taking into account driver efficiency (yes, this bulb has regulated driver, also it works good with AC), leds should work at 1W each - shouldn't be overdriven = long lifetime.
    Very good (and cheap!) replacement for 30W, of even 50W halogen. Energy economy is almost ten times!I am buying 40 of them after I tested the one I bought.The only thing should be taken into account - LED lamps work not very well with electronic transformers (main reason - very low comsumpting current.)
  • Exelent lamp a bit expensive.

    posted by crashys

    What I like is the color, a warm good result, its not really warm but is good. The distribution of light is uniform. I could not test the consumption, but the ignition is instantaneous and perfect. The build is a good part of the product. His ability to be installed directly into a 220V connection saves a lot of work and extra expenses transformer. Very satisfied and recommended.Lo que me gusta es el color, un resultado cálido bueno, no es realmente cálido pero es bueno. La distribución de la luz es uniforme. No pude probar el consumo, pero el encendido es instantáneo y perfecto. Los materiales es una parte buena del producto. Su capacidad de ser instalada directamente en una conexion de 220V ahorra mucho trabajo y gastos extras de transformadores. Muy conforme y recomendable.
    Its light weight and voltage results in a replacement that does not produce any problem for the socket that holds above halogen lamp. Su poco peso y voltaje resulta en un reemplazo que no produce ningún tipo de problema para el portalámparas que se posea anteriormente de una lampara halogena.
    The components are good and improve the success of the product. A lamp recommended, priced almost successful. Los componentes son buenos y mejorar el éxito del producto. Una lámpara recomendado, con un precio casi un éxito.
  • Very good

    posted by georostro

    Quite cheap, good light quality, strong structure, there aren't color differences between the bulbs, very low consumption. I can't imagine how to improve it.
    The angle of light emitting is a bit more of the spot-light type (so the beam is a bit more narrow than the halogen bulb) but still very useful. The color of the produced light is a very pleasant white.
    Fully recomended. Very good and reliable 15-20W halogen replacement.
  • Bright light cheap bulb with controller and optics

    posted by GammaButa

    - very bright light- can work from 12V adapter, car battery, other battery packs near 12Volts - tested and worked fine from solar solar panel with 18Volt starting voltage- only need 300-320mA of input current, leds are connected serially- for DIY porjects all the components can be also usefull (driver circuit, LEDs, metal heatsink housing, plastic optics)- easy to modify, to further improve efficiency
    I disassembled it and also measured voltage/current plus how to improve efficiency, pictures will be attached about internals and how to mod.
    It is one of the best 12Volt bulbs here if not the best.
  • Amazing

    posted by NitNesiv

    Structure very sturdy, does not break because it is not made ??of glass, perfect fit and no matter the polarity, it even works on alternating current. The best compared to the bulb is that it does not heat up and have the same luminosity and with a very low consumption.
    The price paid was too low and the light is very good and emits a light temperature (color) enjoyable.
    Recommend buying. I consider it a great investment in the economy including the electric bill.


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