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led module Customers Reviews

  • Good quality aluminium build spot

    posted by ezwikstra

    VERY good quality aluminium housing, uncomparable to the GU-10 spots I bought with halogen lights earlier that show rustspots and need a GU-10 LED light at almost the same price as this complete unit!
    At first sight it looked a bit wobbly as the screws were not tightened so don't panic as it comes out of the box ;-)
    I am changing all of my GU-10 spots as these look so much better than the spots with GU-10 LED lights looks nowhere neas as cool as these spots, and they give more light as well.
  • excelente modilo led con luminosidad real 5050

    posted by dpejerrey

    easy and fast to place them, high brightness real 5050, excellent quality of good rgby connecting cables length for better handling, strong welds.These led modules are great for all types of led lighting, easy to handle, very bright 5050 real! the price is excellent
    in general these modules are excellent to adapt them in all kinds of jobs, generating an effective brightness very neatly-
    These led modules are great for all types of led lighting, easy to handle, very bright 5050 real! the price is excellent
  • Good array for the price

    posted by TheBeastFromOz

    A typical low cost array using standard 1W emitters. Easy to use, all emitters are wired in series, so just feed it 300mA or so (don't push the cheap LEDs too hard!) and you're done. The colour is quite nice, no green or pink tints, at least on mine.
    Not much else to say really, it does what it's supposed to.
    Fine for a low cost array to experiment with.
  • External Charguer For Everything

    posted by Displayport

    ***You can chargue lots of little gadgets like mobile phones, e-books, tablets...***All-in-one PCB, you can chargue your li-ion battery through micro-USB port
    ***If you try to chargue two gadgets at the same time, batteries may became hot******It works better if put two or more lithium batteries connected in parallel because increase the useful life of then***
    ***Good item for do you own portatile charguer for much less than buying a new one in shopping centers***
  • So Bright!

    posted by robcr949

    This is an excellent drop-in, by far the brightest I've owned. I currently use it for a SureFire G2 LED that is mounted on my hunting rifle. I've had Q5's and R2's before but this is at least twice as bright. It even gives me around 50m of really good light with a green filter on.
    Comes better packaged than my other drop-ins. I'm so glad that DX offers these 1-mode drop ins, the 3- or 5-mode might be good as a comping light but they are useless for weapon mounting with a pressure switch.
    I recommend anyone who is thinking about getting an upgrade for their flashlight to get this drop-in, it's simply put amazingly bright and will give and old flashlight power that you did not think possible!

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