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  • Lightweight universal light

    posted by Zapunidi

    1) Lightweight. Only one AA battery and little optics.
    2) Works with NiMH accumulator, Alkaline AA battery, Li-Ion accumulator and even can work work with AAA battery but inside contact fails sometimes.
    3) Built-in stabilizer that draws all energy from the power source and shuts down completely after that instead of continuesly dimming as the battery goes down.
    4) Has two levels of light intesity and hardly useful blinking light. Intensity is lower by high frequency strobe (about 100 Hz) so no power is lost as in simple resister load regulators.
    5) Has a focusing ability
    6) Light angle can be adjusted from "into the sky" to "right on the nose" position.
    It's the only one headlamp model on the date that works from a single AA battery and has a step-up DCDC logic inside. This DCDC controller instantly bring all this tasty features as emptiing the battery to the bottom, efficient light intensity regulation, accepting any voltage and battery technology and so on. I already consider this light as the best one for outdoor tracking, caving and so on, but better optics would have made it the one and only choice.
    A continuous light power regulation will be useful for caves, when very little light is sufficient.
    This light is electronically superior to other simple battery-resistor-LED lights. The internal DCDC step-up regulator brings in many features and simplicity of use. The optics is a clear drawback. If only the out lens could be placed closer to the LED a better flood light and efficiency would be archieved. So DX, hurry up and invent another lightweight light like this one with better optics.
  • Powerful driver

    posted by plasmalights

    Powerful driver,Good selection of modes.
    I have installed this in to a custom built torch.The torch setup has a xml-U2 led driven by this driver and fed from an ultrafire red 2600mah 18650.All test results taken in high mode.Testing the output from the 18650 gives 4.00V and 4.00A giving a total battery draw of 16WTesting at the led gives 3.10V and 3.50A giving a led consumption of 10.85WCalculating these figures in to efficiency shows that 32% of the power is lost within the driver.This driver, but with selectable mode blocks (3mode 5mode 8mode etc) would be greatMust be fed from a good cell, when fed from a 14500 the max current is 2A not 4A.
    This XML-U2 build is really bright,I can live with the lack of mode memory and the extra disco modes.GOOD DRIVER!
  • A good choice for anyone who wants a flashlight without zomm

    posted by JCOM71

    Good quality of construction.Very bright light.Has a good handle.
    The mentioned operating time will depend heavily on the actual capacity of the battery and can last between 0:30 minutes longer than 2 hours at full power.If you're looking for a flashlight for general use this model is indicated, but you need to buy a good battery and a good charger.
    My first flahlight purchased in dx and not let me down.
  • Bright LED and Laser Light bicycle light

    posted by jack0726

    Bright white LED and Red laser light.3 mode of LED Blinking - consistent , fast blinking and slow blinking.3 mode of Red laser light - consistent , fast blinking and slow blinking. (very bright)
    the bracket might not fit your bike. the bracket size is smaller which cannot fit my seat post.
    If you are looking for a easy to use bike light this could be a wise choice.
  • Fantastic

    posted by antjam

    1. Great finish if you like the "camo" look!
    2. Bright, I was really impressed with this over my Q5 501B.
    3. Draws 1.4Amps on high and the light stays quite cool, providing and nice through and good flood, have not tested total runtime but with the measured current flow I would imagine that it would be good.
    4. Not too many modes
    5. "Camo" look is cool
    Correct the description, the R5 is great!
    If you like the "camo" look buy this light, it is relatively inexpensive, looks great and performs really well!


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